Work Experience

Work Experience

Title: Market Research Executive

Organization: Orion IT Management Africa

Date: March 2012 – May 2012 (3 months)

  • Interviewing senior management officers on prevailing market trends within their respective industries and markets
  • Advising foreign entrepreneurs with existing credit facilities of alternative financing facilities commensurate with their income levels
  • Compiling reports from conducted into comprehensive and presentable document

Title: Field Interviewer

Organization: Research Solutions Africa

Date: July 2011 – September 2011 (3 months)

  • Collecting data for the firm from respondents in target populations through questionnaires and mobile android applications

Title: Economist

Organization:Ministry of Finance

Date: May 2010 – July 2010 (3 months)

Attached as an Intern at the Debt Management Department for 3 months, Duties assigned included:

• Assisting in preparing the national monthly debt bulletins

• Research analysis on the cost implications of new government debt

• Reconciliation and inclusion of old debt into the national CDRMS database

Title: Trade Developer

Organization: Professional Marketing Services

Date: May 2008 – August 2008 (4 months)

• Optimizing distribution of sales merchandise to various sales outlets

• Assessment of competitor strategies and pricing mechanisms

• Collection of data from consumers and distributors on product quality and potential improvement on service delivery

Title: Field Interviewer

Organization: Consumer Insight

Date: February 2007 – February 2007 (1 month)

• Field visits to targeted populations to collection of data from respondents. Data collection methods were mainly;

o Questionnaires

o Interviews

Title: Sales Representative

Organization: Kenya Data Networks

Date: January 2007 – January 2007 (1 month)

• Establish first contact with the consumer thereby creating a company-consumer relationship

• Market the company’s products to consumers

• Provide adequate and timely feedback to the company on consumer preferences and opinions

Title: Promotion Assistant

Organization: Azen Services Date:

November 2006 – December 2006 (2 months)

Duties assigned included;

• Collecting data on inventory stock movements

• Receiving feedback from consumers and relaying this to the company

• Securing and increasing brand presence in sales outlets

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