Academic Life


I began my academic journey in Forest View Academy.

Highlights: I really cannot remember this part of my life except for afternoon naps, break time (I think they were two breaks) and a bus we used to call ‘mkate’


I went to two primary schools; All Saints Primary (The First 2 Years) and  Catholic Parochial Primary (The Last 6 Years)

At All Saints Primary


  • I cried on my first day!
  • Girls were taller than me
  • A plane crashed near our playground
  • Snakes were like cockroaches, everywhere and popped up just when you least expected them

Comments: I made many friends quite fast, I miss them.

At Catholic Parochial

The Primary School of Choice

This is where I did my KCSE.


  • Here I was an altar boy at the Holy Family for 6 years… yes 6 years!
  • We were in class 3 and we had already started writing letters to each other… I will not mention names.
  • Inter-school Debates… we were always winners but the tension was a killer
  • As an altar boy I broke a glass item that usually holds the altar wine during mass when everyone was quite and the congregation was full during lunchtime mass.
  • The Angelus at noon every day, the Apostles Creed and my First Holy Communion
  • Someday we went to a UN Conference on climate, it was a wonderful experience; I was young, listening to big people talk and I felt that I can change the world. I felt that I can make a difference even at that tender age. I will!

Comments: CPS Rocked and the values I acquired during my years then live with me up to now.


I was called to Dagoretti High School (Ditchez) where life was very interesting.

Here I learned a lot especially how to stand your ground and how to live life to the fullest. Big up to all Ditcherianz!

The old Dagoretti School Bus nicknamed ‘Jumbo’


  • First day when I arrived in Daggoretti as a mono(Form One i.e. a beginner in high school education)… mambo bad! but my cube mates were good people.
  • ‘Scave’ Just to summarize what this is. When your parents comes on visiting days, what they bring is for the Dagoretti Community…
  • Jumbo… KQ that’s what we nick named our bus which is pictured above!
  • Music Festivals when I was in fourth year
  • I was an actor then dancer in the Dagoretti Drama club… but strangely enough I never stuck around long enough to go for the Nationals.
  • I was a very active member of the YCS … in fact I was an official

Comments: Its one of the best places for a dude to go through high school.


It looks heavenly doesn’t it? Looks can be deceiving!

I cleared High School, got into Moi University and here I am… 3 years into university education, 1 more year left and I just cannot wait.


Its not wise to comment while I’m still there but there are so many things I would want to comment on that I cannot simply write them down.

Comments: I would not  choose any other campus or college for all the world. The experience it has given me is beyond phenomenal.

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