General Information

I’m just a laid back dude. Some people say I’m weird (I don’t see how), some say I’m a geek (but my grades aren’t at all impressive), all in all they all are my people.

I was born in small dispensary in an upcountry place known as Chekalini. It’s a place found within Lugari District. It all happened on the 21st of April, 1987.

The world is in peril, our minds and heart are at stake. I intend to play my part. Below are my interests.


• Participating in intellectually stimulating debates, conferences and seminars

• Networking

• Starting up and overseeing projects

• Countryside excursions

• Wildlife

• Philosophy

• Business

Please feel free to comment, articulate your opinion, get mad, take part in any polls as often as you would want. We’ll all get to know each other better in good time but until then, welcome to my blog 🙂


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