What Is Beauty?

What is beauty? I have an idea of what beauty is, but I know what it is not. For example, I am aware that the human perception of beauty is a flawed perception. In it, you will find insecurities, ignorance and even stupidity. Why is this so? Well, beauty according to humans is the absence of flaws in an object. This absence of flaws is why many humans will not find hunchbacks beautiful or cripples aesthetically pleasing. The more flaws humans perceive in a person, the uglier he or she becomes.

Ask yourself, is this not true? What defect do you have that people pointed at and called you ugly because of it? Do you have acne on your face? Do you walk with a limp? Are your hands disproportional? Do you have orange or misshapen teeth? These are just some of the minor flaws that you and I may have that would cause others to look down upon us and call us ugly. However, we must ask ourselves, are we ugly because of our flaws.

At times, human beings are nothing but animals whose very first instinct is survival. The perceived presence of defects leads to a state of insecurity in humans. They no longer see their progeny as being viable when they mate with humans that have perceived flaws. This inherent animalistic trait is present in all humans. For this reason, you will always find insecure humans looking for a mate with the least possible flaws. For example, women will look for a well-built man with no visible flaws and men will look for women with certain features and again, with no clear flaws.

Do you see the ignorance in their perceptions? For example, certain features in women traditionally correspond to a perceived ability of giving birth e.g. hip to waist ratio and taking care of their babies e.g. breast size. Well-built men indicate an ability to protect often interpreted as a sign of beauty.

In the world today, we understand that flaws exist in our genes as well as in our outward appearance. In addition, the indiscriminate spread of certain diseases and medical conditions invalidates outward appearance as a sign of beauty i.e. the absence of flaws. In other words, outward appearances have nothing to do with beauty if you cannot measure the lack of flaws by outward appearances. All you have left is ignorance. This conclusion is possible because beauty, in the proper sense, is the absence of defects.

Ignorance is impossible to defend but try telling that to an ignorant person. Instead, ignorant people will keep on repeating their ignorance and forcing it down the throats of other people. This ignorance is why certain people called ugly so many times. Some of us even came to believe that ugliness actually exists. You see, human beings are innately stupid. They always try to carve out a niche for themselves in society and this is why they will use our outward appearance to position themselves as higher members of society. The same goes for racists and religious fanatics. Nothing supports their claims except their words. However, their words have no basis so what they have left is force, repetition and cruelty and that is why they were so mean to us.

In truth, some of us are humans but some of us are not. Some of us will suffer from insecurity, ignorance and stupidity but some of us will not. You see, some of us graduated to a higher level of existence. It is time for others to catch up. Beauty is not the absence of flaws but a perfection of the human spirit in the presence of these flaws. Beauty exists not as a perception but as a reality. There is no truth in beauty, but there is beauty in truth. Beauty is a journey. It has never been a destination. Anyone one who sees beauty as the world sees it is far behind in this journey. It is time for them to catch up.


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