#Tujuane: Kenyan Women Need to ‘Style Up’

I have watched #Tujuane for a while now. Kenyans are very creative on twitter as the show goes on but I do get sad at times. Umaskini ni mbaya!

Kenyan women need to stop defining themselves in terms of poverty. It seems as though all Kenyan women want to live rich but most of them cannot do it on their own. The other set of Kenyan women are rich but they forget about living and stay in constant fear of poverty. Ladies can pretend as much as they want but the truth remains. They look at various sets of criteria in relationships but they assign the wealth a man owns or can possibly own the greatest weight. Wealth, unlike the other sets of criteria the women consider has a minimum threshold and is in reality non-negotiable.

How can poverty define your relationship or lack thereof? Is it not an irony that she who thinks she is classy can be fearful of such a lowly state? Think about it, can a lion ever be afraid of cats? This is only possible if the lion can at one time become a cat. This means that a ‘classy’ woman can at one time stop being ‘classy’, but is this possible?

This is only possible if wealth defines class and even so, why should a wealthy person be afraid of poverty. Would a king ever be afraid of living in the slums? Likewise, only those who have little lord what they have over others who have less. Those who have little are in constant struggle to gain more. Those who have little that are constantly afraid of those who have less. A kind of hidden inferiority complex if you will.

A person with well-anchored wealth is seldom afraid of poverty especially when such a person has the necessary education and skills to support that wealth. You cannot say the same for those whose wealth stands on shaky ground.

All Kenyan women need to ‘style up.’ You should not look to a man to provide you with a living. Get up and get your own. You need to stop losing yourself and forsaking all that you are just to bag a man you would not think twice about if he were not rich. Accept your lane, work with it and build your own road. The road you seek seems wide and well-built but truth be told, there are no such roads in Kenya. Our roads, even those that look good, are characterized by potholes, muddy water and shoddy workmanship.

There is no class anywhere in the world but particularly here in Kenya. In other words, there are no classy people in Kenya. Stop trying to be like those you imagine have something when they have nothing. We, as Kenyans know little of what class, in the historical and deeper sense of the word, means.

Trying to be classy is to embark on a fool’s journey. This is especially true in Kenya. How sad it is to be a fool. How sad it is that you actually think your foolishness is desirable. How sad it is that you think that class actually exists.

NB: There is a funny and personal story that comes with the words ‘style up’. That is why I have put them in quotes but that is a story for another day.

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