To All Men and Young Women

To all men, please stop pressuring these young women. Yes, you now have money and you now have power. Why abuse it? The young ones are full of curiosity. This is their curse. They are willful participants in all kinds of experiments that can easily end up in disease or pregnancy. What will you do if they end up in either disease or pregnancy? Well, you should pray to God if they end up in disease and you should raise your hands in praise if they end up as a baby because in this case, God would have answered your subconscious prayers.

Do not take advantage of the young ones. Yes, their curiosity and sense of adventure is a curse but it should not necessarily be their undoing. Do not have your way with her only to leave her with a baby languishing in despair and want. Any man who takes advantage of a young woman only to leave her distraught is the same as a man who destroys what God builds. Let God’s vengeance be upon him.

A young woman should be fully aware of what may happen after an episode of experimentation before the episode actually begins. For example, a woman should know if the man so eager to experiment with her might lack any further interest in her after the said experiment. She should also know that what she gives, she can never take back.

I cannot be sympathetic to a thirsty camel that sits next to a watering hole. Likewise, I have no sympathy for old women who choose to live a life of desperation. They should get up and find a man who will treat them right. Old women, in my book, are women over thirty or women who fully understand how cruel and cold this world is.

To all young women, please understand that no man is your hustle. Get up and work. Your face is not a job description and your body is not a working tool. Use your brain to get ahead in life not your beauty. Ask yourself. Do you really love him? Think about it for a while and then ask yourself the same question.

Do you cry because he left you or because rent is now a problem? Remember, your baby is not a paycheck. Do not take advantage of a responsible man. Any woman who uses a baby to trap a man in a relationship is the daughter of Lucifer herself. Please, do not obsess over money or wealth and then disguise it as an obsession for love.

Truly, the majority of young women are never after money but still suffer from foolishness. These women are infatuated with looks, demeanor, sophistication or popularity among other kinds of foolish obsessions. It is wise for them to remember that the fruit of obsession is still as dangerous irrespective of the fruit’s color. In other words, what will kill them is what lies inside the fruit. Obsession is obsession. These young women should stop relating with soap operas and start relating with truth and reality.


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