The Mother’s Role Vis-À-Vis the Father’s Role

A child does not belong to his mother. A child does not belong to his mother and father. A child belongs to the house of his father. The work of the mother is not to cook and clean. She is to provide love, care and spiritual nourishment for the family. She must leave from the household if she cannot provide these critical items. She should leave with all that belongs to her. The child does not belong to her and so, ceteris paribus, the child must stay under the house of his father.

The role of a father is that of a protector and guide. He must steer the family clear of present and future trouble. He must do this tirelessly and without complaining. He should provide proper direction for his family so that his children can discover what God has in store for them. His wife should also feel loved. He is to protect her and the children physically, emotionally and psychologically. We cannot count a man who fails in such a noble duty as being worthy of any standing in society. Yet we must help all men who try to achieve success in this noble task but find it hard to do so.

The mother is God’s principal agent in a family. This is why she looks after the heart and health of the child. The father is the one God has put in place to protect the child and provide an enabling environment for the mother to do her work. To estrange the mother from her work by tearing her apart emotionally, physically and/or psychologically is to go against God. Any man who does that shall answer for his actions on the Day of Judgment. Any woman who focuses on herself, makes herself needy or in any way destroys the happiness of her family is worse than Jezebel herself is. A day of reckoning is fast approaching for such insolent women.

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