How To Express Love For Our Children

Our children are our future. They are our dreams, they are our hope and they are our aspirations. They should not exist for our own glorification or as pawns in a never ending game of power plays between old men. We must always act in their best interest even if  such acts would be in conflict with our own interests. The medicine may be bitter but it is worth the trouble for the sake of healing our society.

We must keep them in our thoughts as we make laws and exploit resources

We must keep them in our thoughts as we make laws and exploit resources

Our love for our children should pour out from our hearts as tiny streams trickle down a mountain.  This love must flow out of us for all eternity. It must always be there to greet our children with pomp and cheer whenever they are weary. It must be a pure show of affection just as the mountain terrain is free from human excesses and it must be driven and purposive just like the stream is driven by gravity and guided to the endless expanse of the sea.

We must begin with expressing our love for them in terms of what we aspire for them and not in terms of what we desire or desired for ourselves.  Our children should be guided by their spirit and their own desires. They are to live their life as they see best. To live the life of another is to give up life and embrace slavery.

They must  learn to be free before they can learn how to embrace responsibility and duty in the name of freedom just as a child  learns to walk before he can be told where to go. They should live in remembrance of those who came before them but with a vivid understanding of their role in the shaping of a new future for the following generation.

We are also meant to ensure that our children are not influenced or affected by our negative attributes  and perversions of moral character.

Finally, all the rules and laws of man should be written in line with a desire to see future generations live a better life than we did. We should work hard to secure their lives and guarantee their freedom. We must become the caretakers of a new tomorrow by changing the dynamics of today. Save the children for they are our future.

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