Class Is a Touchy Subject Here In Kenya: ‘Angalia Saa’

It is time for the African to define himself in ways that are African and rebuke those who portray otherwise. Class is a touchy subject, no doubt especially here in Kenya. I believe that it is a state of mind. It does exist but then again it does not. We should all ask ourselves a couple of thought-provoking questions.

To begin with, is class an inherent quality/characteristic? If it is then class exists. Talk of royal blood and such. Secondly, is class an acquired quality/characteristic? If it is then class exists. People can acquire mannerisms and/or wealth. Think of the bourgeois class. Thirdly, what components make up this phenomenon? The answer to these questions is simple. If God exists and if indeed God created us equal then all talk of class does not make sense.

Let us begin with the first question. The idea of inherent characteristics goes out of the window as soon as we accept that God created all humans equally. You need to consult your local parishioner or the Good Book if you believe that we are not equal.

Again, we all have a capacity to develop certain mannerisms and/or gain wealth if we are equal. Think of it more like potential energy and kinetic energy. There is energy in both circumstances. This then means that we all have class. You may then argue that how we manifest class is what matters. I may argue differently. This is because manifestation is relative.

Energy is a physical/tangible product while class is not. Class is a matter of perception. Perception is constantly evolving and in most circumstances, perception comes to nought. For example, rich men live their lives searching for gold but discover a bit too late that family matters more than gold. Another man discovered that years ago and focused on family. Who between the two is wealthier? In the same breadth, how would you define class? Would you define it as others define it?  Would you be right in your definition or would you just be following the lead ox as you both go to slaughter? In other words, why waste your life seeking something defined by others well you can just as well define it for yourself?

It is all a matter of perception. We can all develop our own definitions, create our own realities and live by our own perceptions. You will find at the end of the day that there is no class just individual perception. What matters then is if your individual perception is a product of another person’s perception.

However, the constant talk of class is a pointer to the fact that something exists. I believe that we as humans remain forever confused. There are concepts such as God, space, matter, consciousness among other concepts that remain far beyond our comprehension. We can only move towards understanding of such concepts by freeing ourselves from our cocoons of contemporary thought. In my opinion, people confuse class with sovereignty. This state of confusion is dire in third world countries because of the high rate of inequality. In a state of inequality, only those with wealth are truly free. The poor mystify this state of freedom as an idea of class. The wealthy indulge in this mystification.

In fact, this mystification guarantees the freedom wealthy men enjoy. As soon as the poor man realizes that his chains are in his mind then all hell will reign loose. As soon as the poor man realizes that there is no class, then everything changes. As soon as the poor man realizes that there is only God and there is only equality then the rich man is in trouble. It is time for us to wrestle the demons that are our thoughts and embrace the Angel that is our freedom.

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