A Name, What Is In A Name?

I was just in the crib. You know, doing nothing. Just chilling, planning world domination. Then I heard a woman calling out, ‘Nikita.’ At first, I thought she was calling out to a puppy because there is a cute little puppy in the hood. The puppy looks like a Chihuahua but its coat is too thick. I think that I will get myself a cute little puppy once I move out of my small bedsitter.

I soon found out that this woman was not calling out to a puppy when a loud cry answered her call, ‘Eeeh!’ Interesting I thought. How can you call your child Nikita? What does the name mean? Where does it come from? Who else went by the name Nikita? What did this person do in his or her lifetime. You see, Kenyans never really think much of anything. They just do things and watch as the cards fall into place. They blame others if the cards fall out-of-place but are quick to take the credit if the cards fall into place.

The name of a child is a fundamental part of his or her development. It will determine how he or she will relate to the world and likewise, how the world will relate to him or her. A child’s name should invoke awe, emotion and imagination in those who happen to hear it especially when such people should learn of its meaning.

You cannot just wake up and call your child anything. That would be a travesty. You need to think deeply, consult widely and base your child’s name in what is unseen. In other words, you child’s name has to be philosophical, religious, spiritual and if possible, historical . A carefully thought out name would give your child a unique identity among his or her peers. It would be a fallback position when times get hard or an inspiration to live up to the name.

Now, I am not saying that Nikita is a bad name. It might as well have a deeper meaning. All I am saying is that you should know this meaning before you decide to call your child Nikita. You might as well call your child Porcelain or ‘Kikombe’ if you want to call your child by what sounds nice.

Many would say that a child’s name has no bearing on a child’s life. Well, that may be true but then why have a name at all? Would it not be easier to be a number instead? Those who say that a child’s name is of no consequence to the child lie to no one but themselves and a few misguided people. A child will one day ask you why you choose the name you choose for him or her. What will you say? “I was watching a series…” Kenyans and Africans in general need to start thinking much about everything. Nothing is ever what it seems.

With all of this in mind, I have come to a decision that is not open to argument. I shall have exclusive rights to name my children as I see fit. My wife, her family and her relatives can only make suggestions but have no say whatsoever in what name that my child shall go by.


4 thoughts on “A Name, What Is In A Name?

    • You can call your child anything and somehow, someway, it will rhyme will another name in the globe.What is means to the parent during the naming ‘ceremony’ is what matters. The idea is to have a vision for your child. A vision so strong that even his name echoes it. Guess work is just that, guess work and it implies a lack of foresight. I am told Memia means ‘a whisper’ in Kikuyu so I take it Kimemia means ‘small/quiet whispers.’

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