Case Details: ‘What You Thought You Knew’

I know a great deal about Constantine, Constantinople and the Turks… a great deal! Believe me, the Roman Catholic Church has beenGod’s instrument of preserving Christianity time and time again

There is a difference between spread and conquer. As yourself, did Islam really spread? Christianity was the most persecuted religion in the Roman empire, more so in the eastern provinces of the empire. Isn’t it ironic that even after the death of the emperor (Constantine) who made it a state religion, it still remained a minority religion. After Constantine died, Christians were killed and persecuted but the truth had began to spread and be accepted across the empire… it could not be stopped –> Google the seven sleepers of Ephesus (interesting read… even the Qur’an quotes it)

let me give you some ammunition… did you know that most of the Old Testament was written not as events unfolded but by Jewish scholars during the Jewish captivity in Babylon. Did you know that Jews were released from captivity in Babylon by the Persians because the Persian ‘pagan religion’ did not approve of slavery? This religion is still recognized as part of the 4 official religions of Iran (descendants of the Persians) today. Did you know that the NT was actually put together by Constantine, emperor of Rome. Do you know the Nicene creed? You should, it is upon it after the Council of Nicene that Christians, under Constantine choose to believe that Jesus is God. Do you now Tertullian? You should, he was the first ever person to theorize the concept of the Trinity. Soon after he did the Catholic Church accept his theory as doctrine and as such does all of Christendom which stems from the Catholic Church…

It is not fitting for you to examine Catholicism. It would do nothing to add to your stock of knowledge since that knowledge would be explained in form of a bias which you already have. You should however question your Christianity. How did it actually come about? When did Christians accept Jesus as God and why? Who first began the idea of the Trinity? Which book did the disciples use to preach? When and who wrote the OT? When and who decided which books were to be used in the NT? What led to the beginning of the Dark Ages? Why did Rome’s 1st official Emperor Augustus Caesar exist during the time of Jesus after almost 500 years of Rome being a republic? What was the strategic importance of Rome vis-a-vis other empires to the spread of Christianity? Under whose banner did the 1st Crusaders liberate Jerusalem and prevent the destruction of our Holy places? How and why did April Fools begin? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself and then just as well, the truth will set you free! You could also ask yourself, has any religious artifact kept or displayed by Catholic Church ever been disputed as mere belief and of no historical truth? Why do Anglicans have the words, I believe in the Holy Catholic Church in their Apostles Creed?

You really don’t get it, do you? It is because of our flaws that we are human, it is in forsaking God that the Jews actually found Him, it is because the Church erred that it is on the right path and it is because science is right that it is in fact wrong! You will have to define salvation first before I can answer that question. As I have already implied, it is through believing we are right that we are actually wrong. It is then by believing that we are saved that we are in fact lost.

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