Case Details: ‘The Miracle of the Sun’

When I was young I was told of 3 saints viz; Lúcia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco. It was said that they witnessed the ‘dancing of the sun’ as a sign from the Virgin Mary that the heavens control the earth. She then delivered to them 3 secrets or more, the actual number of secrets was as I was told only revealed to the Pope. I had forgotten this story completely until recently when I stumbled upon a video on an atheist webpage that placed this ‘miracle of the sun’ as number one in their top ten unexplained mysteries. Others included the ‘Kentucky meat shower’ etc. Of course, as expected the atheists never gave any mention to the 3 saints. I inquired further and I found out that the three children had actually foretold of the time and place when the ‘sun would dance’ and it did dance, at that time and place! It was actually witnessed by over 30,000 people. Science cannot even dare to dispute the occurrence of the event. Why… over 30,000 witnesses! Science instead tries to dispute ‘the miracle in the event’ by giving examples of how ‘the dance’ has happened elsewhere at other times. It’s more like a man being caught with his pants down and then trying to explain why the woman lying beside him is not his wife. Science fails to explain how children with no scientific training, but with faith predicted the ‘dance’ of the sun down to the exact time and place. I can only tell scientists to pull their pants up and apologize for trying to dispute religion as opposed to finding out the truth. In short, they should stop cheating… if they cannot understand how faith works then they really have no business trying to dispute it. Human science cannot understand humanity itself let alone explain how humanity interacts with the spiritual world. This is not Harry Porter, this is Christianity. All these events are verifiable. There is data, there are witnesses… just Google and the truth will set you free.

the miracle is not the dancing of the sun but more so the accurate prediction of it… how can herds children predict it when PH.D scientists with state of the art equipment cannot

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