Case Details: ‘The Authors and the Interpreters’

I am saddened, no really. This is why I love Wikipedia and the History Channel. They first give the facts, the sources, opinions and then alternative opinions. The author of your article begins with a straight bias. A weak point of most atheists and scientists. They try to ‘de-miraculise’ events much too quickly. Shouldn’t the facts do that? Isn’t it ironic that men who trust in facts actually begin with opinions and then focus on facts to support those opinions? The article waters down the impact of the fall in the Roman economy, disintegration of the empire and numerous plagues within the Empire on the persecution of Christians. These are facts that will then led you to the truth of the extent of Christian persecution within the Roman Empire. If she did not have a bias then you might have known the truth but now you will have to search it for yourself. Point of Caution: Never really trust what a Briton would write about the Roman empire and/or the Catholic Church. Its more lie the Mau Mau writing about the British Government. #JustSaying… for future reference, so that you won’t be deceived. Again, you questioned whether they were the ‘most persecuted’ You have not yet proved me wrong. I do not believe you can since facts will always remain facts.

The Bible does not fail in the recording of historical facts; it is our interpretation that fails us. If a mother tells her son to go break bread and the son actually breaks the bread (assume it’s possible) then is it the mother’s fault or the son’s? It is the fault of neither! The mother is speaking from a higher understanding while the child’s understanding is based on only what he knows. Your conception of how old the Bible is limited by your understanding of time and space as is mine. Therefore, neither you nor I can read and deduce from the Bible, with perfect precision, the time when the world began. However, a fact remains… it not only began but it did so in the way and sequence the Bible says it did. Just to support your point… Christianity as a religion is indeed self propagating.

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