Case Details: ‘The Emperor and the Chimp’

t might interest you to know that there is no phenomenon ever told in the Bible that has ever been proven wrong or found highly inaccurate; from the Red Sea crossing, to the flood of Noah, to the rain of sulfur in Sodom and Gomorrah. Interesting, huh? Science has in fact never proven religion wrong esp. Christianity, ever! You see, a chimp cannot tell a Roman governor how to govern simply because the chimp still needs to know how to use its thumb let alone govern. The Bible talks of ‘Let there be light.’ Scientists have just recently discovered the ‘1st light’ The Bible talks of ‘null and void.’ Science has just recently discovered that the universe came out of a ‘black hole’. The Bible talks of a scattering of humanity after ‘the Tower of Babel’ fiasco. Science has just begun speaking of ‘a cataclysmic event in the jungle of Africa that scattered the people and led to the development of different languages.’ You see, science is a chimp. It cannot even understand itself let alone understand an emperor. Science disputes religion, which has never been proven wrong by pointing out at things it knows little about. Isn’t it interesting that over 90% of our human DNA is still a mystery to scientists? Ever heard of the term junk DNA? Is it that that DNA has no function or scientists haven’t just figured out its function? This leads me to my other point; faith and belief are functions of the human consciousness. Science cannot claim to understand let alone dispute anything conceived out of the human consciousness. You cannot possibly tell tales of Persia when you have never set foot in Persia! You see, both of you believe in what is emerging as knowledge yet we believe in what has always stood as truth. The funny thing is that your emerging knowledge, after understanding itself will never dispute our truth. It will in fact confirm it. You should not wait for science to dispute religion esp. Christianity, it has never happened. It will never happen. Knowledge is key, Google… check out the facts. The Bible speaks only the truth of what has happened and what will in fact happen. Please, you don’t have to wait for the chimp to understand how to use its thumb before you can begin to govern i.e. enjoy the benefits of The Truth.

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