Atheism and the Perfection of Human Bigotry

Atheism is not a new concept. Many scholars, academics and politicians have espoused atheistic principles throughout history. This is true in both western societies and societies in the East. In these societies and in others, atheism never gained root. In the twentieth century, widespread atheism came into being but only with the power, force and machinery of the state. This trend is no more. However, the emergence of certain communication tools such as social media has led to the resurgence of atheistic principles and ideals against a backdrop of worldwide conflict and confusion.

It is important for us not to ignore current affairs in the world as we discuss the resurgence of atheistic principles. For example, terrorism spurred by religious conflict is one of the main problems facing the globe. Others include poverty, deepening inequality, limited freedoms and overbearing cultural change.

Religion is part of the reason the world is in such a dire state and so, the atheist finds room and space to criticize religion. It is easy to do so because the hearts and souls of men are weak and inherently, they just want a solution to their problems and to the problems in the world.

Nevertheless, we must not sacrifice reason and truth for seemingly quick solutions. This is especially true when these solutions might as well bring more problems than solve existing ones. We must study atheism outside the limits of our own emotions, fears and problems. In other words, let us critically look at this phenomenon.

Atheism is simply a philosophy or doctrine that claims there is no deity or personal God. That is, there is no creator or Supreme Being. This is the guiding principle of atheism. The question that then begs is what exists if there is no Supreme Being. An atheist cannot answer this question but will quickly say that you must prove the existence of a personal God if you believe in one. This is quite okay because theists are the first to make the claim.

Logically, you can prove that God exists, . Scientifically, which is philosophy limited by human senses, you can prove that ‘something exists.’ What is quite disturbing is that atheists will write off logical proofs of God’s existence without criticizing them. They will simply ignore them. Ignorance is bliss, is it not? Scientifically, they will acknowledge that ‘something does exist’ but they will refuse to recognize ‘what exists’ as God. This is also quite okay because no one should force a man to believe in what he does not choose to believe in.

Atheists will then claim that their philosophy supports science, humanity and reason. They will cite religious wars, oppression of scientists by theocracies and their perceived tolerance to alternative views as the basis of this claim. History seems to escape their minds. Historically, the disbelief in God has led to the widespread murders, in the most gruesome of ways. Atheism can do more in a decade to end humanity or some part of it than religion can do in a millennium. History is our witness.

Atheism also stifles reason and science. It simply cannot support such endeavors. This is because an atheist does not believe in a higher existence so why would he strive further than his limits or encourage others to do the same. The greatest scientists who claim to be atheists work under a regime of religious principles and doctrines. They cannot do much outside the limits of this regime for nothing will propel them to excel if the religious are not there to tell them of a higher existence.

Finally, atheism is human bigotry i.e. the atheist and the racist have a similar school of thought. They will reason up to a given point. From that point, all forms of reasoning are out of the window. This is why they will openly oppose logical proofs of God’s existence without actually criticizing these proofs. This is why they will often resort to ridicule, insensitive jokes and name calling when arguing on deeply sensitive matters such as faith.

Additionally, this is why they focus on stifling religious thought as opposed to broadening their own school of thought. Their only pre-occupation in life is commenting on religion instead of developing atheism. Their philosophy cannot support itself so they seek to make atheism the default philosophy by breaking down theism. This is an impossible task because theism is a self-evident and self-supporting doctrine. It cannot fall.

Do not get me wrong, I do not have a problem with atheism. I support free thought irrespective of who speaks it. However, I have a problem with bigotry regardless of where it comes from. Atheism is a perfection of human bigotry. This is because on one hand, the atheist claims to support science, humanity and reason while in fact, the atheist supports pride, indifference and oppression of alternative views. The atheist must learn that the truth speaks for itself, you do not have to force it down people’s throats and if you have to, then what you speak is not the truth.

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