The Israeli Occupation Exists For a Reason

I think we agree on more issues than we disagree on. For example, we agree that a two state solution is the answer. We agree that people should stop dying. We agree that Israel evicted Palestinians from their homes. We agree that evicted Palestinians need redress. We agree that Hamas is a terrible entity. I would also like to point out that the homes evictions were because of the Israeli Independence War and they were not part of the UN Partition Plan. The Jews had agreed to the Partition Plan but violent dissent from Arabs and Arab States led to the Israeli Independence War.

We must also agree unequivocally on a number of principles i.e. people have the right to defend themselves regardless of whether those who attack them are stronger or weaker. People also have a right to self-determination including a political system that enhances their ideals as a people. You should note that Hamas enhances war against Israel. It does not enhance the ideals of its people esp. social and economic ideals. We cannot hold Israel accountable when Palestinians wrongfully exercise their right to self-determination forcing Israel to exercise its right to self-defense.

Rights are inherent i.e. God given. Nothing can take them away. This means that Israelis as well as Palestinians will always have the right to self-determination regardless of whether they are able to exercise that right or not. Israel defending itself does not take away the inherent right of Palestinians to determine their future though in doing so, it makes it difficult for the Palestinians to attain this right. This does not necessarily mean that the fault lies with Israel especially when the consistent agitator is Hamas. Hamas should focus on schools, hospitals, business centers, colleges etc. not tunnels and rockets.

We seem to disagree on Hamas intentions on Israel and the Jews. We also seem to disagree on the reasons behind the occupation and blockade in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians rejected the UN Partition Plan but they now use it as a basis for the two-state solution, which is still okay because it gives us a starting point to a two state solution. What happens if we decide to carry out the plan? Part of the Hamas charter still calls for the annihilation of the Jews. Will they change their charter? I do not think so simply because the verses they quote in the Koran and the Hadith calling for Jewish massacres will still be the same.

ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and others have already shown us that such groups never stop. We have to push them back but in this case, we will have given them strategic positions from which to attack Israel if we carry out the partition plan effectively ending the occupation. Arab states have long desired a piece of Palestine. What happens then? They support Hamas to ‘push the Jews into the Mediterranean.’ They accomplish this and soon after conflicts among these states arise followed by conflicts within Hamas. Soon Palestine will be in total chaos with thousands if not millions of Jews already dead.

We have seen this happening around the world. Militant Islamist groups never form stable governments. As you can see, the Israeli occupation exists for a reason i.e. to prevent Hamas and other groups from gaining strategic positions in attacks against Israel but the occupation can be more humane. It should always exist to until Hamas and other Islamist groups find their humanity and stop calling for the annihilation of the Israel and its people.


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