Seven Objective Arguments on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

These are my main arguments when it comes to the Israel-Palestinian Conflict.

1. People exaggerate the role of Western powers when it comes to the formation of the Israeli State. These powers were in full support of the Jewish State initially but the idea for the State preceded their rise to power. Jews have always been intent on forming a state in Israel come what may. The role of Britain in the formation of the Jewish state was negative immediately before, during and after the Second World War.

2. After forming the Jewish State, Jews were planning to live on land they bought in Palestine without evicting any Arabs from their lands. However, surrounding Arabs States wanted all Jews out of Palestine, even Jews with legitimate land titles in Palestine. These states went to war to achieve this goal. Things did not go their way.

3. The surrounding Arab states and not the Palestinian people were the main instigators of anti-Jewish sentiments in Palestine and in the Muslim world. These states wanted to take over Palestine. I believe Palestinians would have been okay with a two state solution after a little diplomatic persuasion and a lack of negative influence from surrounding Arab states.

4. Jews occupied Palestinian territories and homes during the war instigated by surrounding Arab states. They held on to these territories for security reasons but they should have left Palestinian homes alone. The plight of Palestinians who lost their homes is tragic and Israel needs to compensate them or otherwise address their plight.

5. Hate for the Jews drives Hamas along with support from surrounding Arab states that do not want a powerful Israel within the Middle East. I believe that peace in the Middle East and a two-state solution is possible if Hamas did not believe in the extinction of the Jews. Worse still, calls for Jewish extermination means that Israel has to keep certain territories under its control for security reasons.

6. Certain verses in the Koran and Hadith do not speak favorably of Jews. Muslim extremists including Hamas will use these verses to arouse hatred for Jews and justify their annihilation. These sentiments were alive before the state of Israel and they will be alive if this state ever falls. They informed the policy of the Arab states before the state of Israel and they will inform their policy if Israel ever falls. The world has to look at such sentiments and develop ways of dealing with them before we witness genocide in our lifetime or soon after we have gone. For example, other verses in the Koran speak of respect for Jews so why not focus on those.

7. Palestinians deaths are tragic and regrettable and so are Israeli deaths. A single death is a death too many. Israel has a God given right to defend itself and its citizens just as Palestinians have this right. Hamas is not defending Palestinian citizens. It is actively seeking the annihilation of the Jews and the Jewish state. Israel invades Gaza to protect itself and its citizens and as such, the agitator would be Hamas. The bloods of those who die because of actions by Hamas or because of reactions by others to its actions are on its hands and not on the hands of the Jews.

Please note: I use the word ‘objective’ cautiously. I believe that I can prove all my points through facts, figures, statistics and dates and hence the term objective. However, you should not accept them as objective. Research and come up with your own findings. Educate others and me on what you find but do not abuse your opinion by using it as a statement of fact. Only figures, statistics, names, locations and dates will do. A chronological arrangement of these facts would also be welcome.


One thought on “Seven Objective Arguments on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  1. 1. Issue number 1. It is the United nations that proposed the division of Palestine into Palestinian land and Jewish land, giving the Jews more land….Please note some people had to be evacuated to create this space.

    2. Jewish state was officially formed after the 1947 war with Palestinians, in which they evicted the Palestinians and allowed European Jewish to settle in the land they had evicted Palestinians. Though, some Jews actually bought land, but it wasn’t enough to settle the mass immigration of the Jews from Europe. The other wars were retaliation from the Arab states who also wanted some portions of Palestine, hence their disunity and hence their defeat by the Israel…And am glad they were defeated…

    3. It is not true that Palestinians were ok with a two state solution, they had lost a huge portion of their land. They were bitter about it. But they were fine with co-existing with the Jews, which they actually were doing even in Jerusalem, until the Jews from Europe began arriving in masses from the 1940s.

    4. Jews did not occupy territories occupied by Palestinians during the war instigated by other Arab states, they began evicting and killing Palestinians from their villages even before they began fighting with other Arab states. The Israeli independent war was against Palestinians who were defending their land in which Jews wanted to create their state and against the British, who were preventing Jewish Mass immigration. Even the Jewish military wing confessed they had to create space for the Jewish state.

    5. Hamas is a hateful organization and they hate the Jews. That is true, i would not expect them to like the Jews after they pushed their people from their land, and prevent them from reclaiming their houses and farms. Why hadn’t the Palestinians formed such groups yet there were Jews prior to the Mass Immigration from Europe. If they so wanted to annihilate the Jews, they would have easily done so since they were by far the majority prior to the preposterous idea by the European Jews of claiming land that was already occupied by pushing one community out. How come Hamas came into being after the Jews immigrated and settled in people’s land. And by the way, Haganah also operated in the same manner..

    6. I do not disagree that Jews had a right to create their own state in which they could govern themselves, but they had no right to push people from their land and claim it as their own. Prior to the Wars with other state, the Jews had already established an illegal state, so they cannot claim that the areas they occupied after the wars was a result of their winning the war. They were already living in illegally occupied land. If none of the Palestinians were evicted, and a Jewish state was formed legally, without any blood shed, then they would have been justified to claim territories of people invading them. But instead, they are the ones who first brought people to settle on already occupied land, forcing others out of their land.

    7. Finally, no life should be lost, be it Jewish or Arab, though, both factions have a right to defend themselves. The solution to this problem lies with the two factions agreeing to co-exist as they did prior to European Jews mass immigration, there are also Palestinians abroad who did not return yet it is also as much as the Jews, their ancestral homeland. This region belongs to the Palestinians and the Jews, and any other people that were born and lived there prior to the Jewish mass immigration, but not anyone else who was born anywhere else in the world.

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