Res Novae: Initium

We live in desperate times where fools are in charge and the wise are too scared to take back control. During such times, the freedom of human expression is not only in jeopardy but also it is a direct threat to the rule of fools. Think about it. What would happen if those who care to think and express themselves start questioning the status quo?

However, we must be careful not get lost in mindless politics or compartmentalized thought. Instead, we must take a holistic approach when trying to bring change to this generation at this time. The status quo does not confine itself to politics. Rather, it stretches far beyond this realm of humanity and branches into areas such as class struggles, religious thought, academic discourse, economic settings and human sensuality.

Therefore, questioning the status quo is not the preserve of political or educated élite. It is a collective duty among all people who care enough to think and then become. In other words, there are those of us who will question the aristocracy, others will question the clergy, some will question our views on sensuality, there are those whose questions will focus on our academic structure and yet there are those who will question the media or our mode of doing business.

You see, it matters not what we question when the most important thing we can do is to question. If a man emerges cold and naked from the bush while shouting uncontrollably, shall we immediately assume that he is a lunatic or look into the bush from where he came. Likewise, we must not question the products of our age. Rather, we should question the process by which our age brings about such products.

To put it differently, society has no business condemning anyone who seems different. The main role of society is to facilitate freedom, safety and security for everyone and especially for those who seem different to others. Society can only look introspectively for it is the reason that others are different. Do not worry when society accuses you of being different. Instead, accuse society of being the same at a time when change is beckoning.

Each person has his or her own talent but expression is a shared quality in all humans. You can spark a revolution by simply expressing yourself in your everyday life. You do not have to indulge in politics, economics, religion or business to do so. You can be a revolutionary right where you stand by questioning what you feel needs questioning. Let no man dissuade you from your path or bring doubt into your heart. You are here for a purpose, at a time of great revolutionary change whose roots are slowly but surely taking the ground away from the fools of our age.

It is also important for you to remember that a revolution does not begin with many men neither does it succeed when confined to politics. Instead, a revolution begins with only a handful of men, pure in their thoughts and resolute in their actions. A revolution begins when the artist paints a painting of a new sunrise, when the writer writes an enchanting poem, when the woman takes back her womanhood and when the child questions his father’s lies.

You have waited so long for a revolution when the revolution was always in you. Stand up and question the status quo. You are what we have waited for.

‘Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind, and when the same thought occurs to another man, it is the key to that era.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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