Karma, Let Her Deal with Such Bosses

I buy this household item at a given price. The employee at this place is very cordial and welcoming. I ask for a better price but she remains firm on her offer so I accept it. The boss walks in, listens to the transaction and does not utter a word. I take the item home but just as I am about to enter the gate, I see the employee I was talking to rush towards me.

She tells me that her boss has really caused a fuss and wants more money for the item. I wonder why her boss did not say anything while I was there but then again, I know why. The chance of a possible transaction would have ended immediately if he did so. He did his calculations and saw that I would be inclined to save his distraught employee from his wrath, a visible weakness I might add.

She tries to explain herself, quite terribly I might add. Her boss is on the wrong and she knows it so she tries to absolve herself from blame. She tells me about previous sales on similar items at the same price I bought mine. She even tells me how the boss’ wife sold a similar item for a similar price in recent days. I do not care much for these stories but I indulge her only because the turnaround by her boss seems to have caught her by surprise as well.

I thought about declining to add more money but then I looked at the distraught employee. Her only fault is working for an idiot. He actually sent her after me instead of talking to me while I was there. What kind of boss does that? He would have probably cut it from her salary so I added the cash the boss wanted. Her distress state disappeared and for that, I am happy but I would never go back to the same shop. I will just stick to Nakumatt and major stores from now on.

Some people will succeed. Some people will never succeed. Other people will stay at the same level forever while others will fall from grace. We must be careful in what we do for our actions determine our future and karma never sleeps, never.

This is not a life changing experience but an experience that I wanted to share with you just in case you find yourself playing any of the roles mentioned above.

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