I Have Never Been Good At Dealing with Women

I was nineteen years of age and this twenty-one year old Chiquita comes up to me. She says, ‘Nash, why haven’t you called me. I’ve been waiting for your call and it’s almost been two weeks since we last talked.’

Now, you must understand that I have never been good at dealing with women and pretending has never been my strong suit. I just said it as I felt it. Therefore, I told her, ‘I deleted your number. Whatever it is that is between us is now a one-way street. I cannot be the one always trying to make conversation and/or communicate.’ Please note that I never used the word relationship or anything closely resembling it.

This was back in the day. Those days when I thought telling the truth to everyone, including women was the best thing to do. I know now better.

I could see the shock on her face. It may be that no one had ever been so blunt with her. I could also see that she was a bit hurt, poor thing. I did not mean to hurt her. She asked me a question. I answered truthfully. I always thought truth is best. I told it like it is.

Anyhow, she insisted that I take her number once again. She actually keyed it into my phone and then saved it. She called me consistently, on a daily basis for the next two weeks but I knew it was just a phase.

It was not in her to call. She had lived all her life with men trying to get at her. She is beautiful, no doubt. Now this young fella is in charge! Anyhow, I just waited until the phase was over and just as before, I deleted her number and we have never talked since. You do not think I am cold, do you? I was justified, was I not?

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