Today, I Went To the Salon (Unisex)

I assumed the person was her boyfriend. It seemed like a mutually beneficial arrangement from what I could discern. She was gorgeous. He was rich and in need. These arrangements are common in the big city. They do not surprise me. Continue reading


What Should Women Prioritize In A Marriage? Love or Trust?

“Wives should be subject to their husbands as to the Lord.” – Ephesians 5:22. Love is unconditional. That means love exists independent of submission i.e. you do not have to submit to someone for you to love him. However, voluntary submission is impossible without a degree of trust in the person to whom you offer … Continue reading

A Response to Pat Robertson’s ‘Christmas Is Pagan’

The Church has no authority to set aside December 25 as a day of great significance to the Christian faith without a sufficient amount of reason. It lacks authorization because those early Christians were closer to Jesus’ time than we are. Continue reading

I Stand With Burundi: What Does That Mean?

What does ‘I stand with Burundi’ mean? Burundians are killing Burundians. Which Burundi do you stand with in this situation? In Paris, ISIS was attacking France, so I stood with France. In Paris, ISIS was attacking the Western way of life, so I stood with Westernization. In Paris, ISIS was attacking Christianity, so I showed … Continue reading

The Best Talk Shows in Kenya: Female Edition

The news was a hot ticket item anywhere in the world including Kenya, and many television stations earned a place within their market based on how they presented it to the public. Nowadays, the news is not enough. You need discussions to make the story interesting, informative and entertaining. Kenya has many discussion platforms offered … Continue reading