Let Death Come, Let It Come, Let It All End.

There was once a woman who lived in the sprawling slums of Korogocho. She lived there with her young teenage daughter. It so happened that her teenage daughter was one of the most beautiful girls in Korogocho. Men would drool at her wherever she walked, old men would always offer her mother a more than substantial bride price while the local male traders all wanted to set something up for her mother if only her daughter would be the price for their effort.

Her mother saw how men wanted her daughter and so she began scheme. Though she did not know the laws of economics, she felt that scarcity and quality would increase her daughter’s value. This woman then made her daughter as scarce as possible within the slum. The woman fed and groomed her daughter much like a dairy farmer would do with this cow. The woman’s objective was to increase her daughter’s value so that she would appeal to any rich and reasonable man as well as the slum idiots.

Then the time came for the woman’s daughter to pull her own weight within the family. The woman saw that her daughter had matured enough. She lined up suitors for her young teenage daughter. However, she began to realize that a perfectly wealthy man would be hard to come by. This is especially true since she and her daughter were mere squatters in the vast slum of Korogocho.

Then the woman had a bright alternative idea. Why not let the goats drink at the well while the bull is still grazing. This woman decided to instead pawn off her daughter to reasonably wealthy men around Korogocho. This would give her some good income and still keep up her daughter’s value as a ‘high-class’ harlot within the slum.

Therefore, it came to be. Her daughter bore the pain of satisfying the desires of discreet men. They would ravage her at their own pleasure at long as they had enough coin to pay for the merchandise. The young teenage daughter would have no control as to whom she can please or when. Notes and coins were the only deciding factor. Her mother would charge extra for the extra and unusual pleasures. For instance, mild violence during the act would attract higher fees while not using protection would attract the highest fee.

The daughter’s mother made good money. Her daughter paid the greatest price for her mother’s thirst. Her mother bought new clothes from the market, a new radio, a new television and then a new couch. Her mother was even thinking of moving into a rental apartment just next to the slum. Her mother now had too many new things to fix into their small shanty. Her mother’s paranoia was constantly on the watch for any signs of jealousy by her noisy.

The intensity of the undignified acts against the teenager daughter increased. How else would her mother pay save up for her new rental apartment? Violence during the act brought in more money. It was encouraged by her mother just as long as they did not hit at her daughter’s face. Hitting her face would substantially reduce her daughter’s value. Men also paid higher and higher not to use protection. Therefore, her mother would also urge men not to use protection. The more they pay, the better it is for her.

The mother never cared that her daughter’s heart slowly dying.  Her daughter could not take it anymore. Something had to give. Yes, this was her mother but the pain in her was just too much to bear even for the sake of family.  The shadow of death always loomed in the distance but it was inching closer and closer.

The question is where would she run? Who would take in a ‘high-class’ harlot whose value had gone down drastically? Who would accept a prostitute from the slum of Korogocho? Who would take in a young teenager whose job it was to please husbands and fathers?  Who would house a person whose very livelihood means that what wives thought of their husbands and children thought of their fathers was a lie? Who would help such a person? Death is the only answer. Death is the only solution. Let death come, let it come, let it all end.

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