Kenyan Youths: Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Close to 79% of Kenya’s population is under the age of thirty-five years. The overall unemployment rate in Kenya stood at over 40% in 2011. Now, it is likely to be at 50%. The poverty rate in Kenya now stands at 46-50%. What these statistics show is that millions of Kenyan youths are unemployed. Millions of these youths are also living under abject poverty.

The despair that is in the hearts of these Kenyan youths is simply unimaginable. We live in hard times. The nature of our world means that life without an opportunity to cater to our needs or to buy the things we want or leaves us in a state of continuous anxiety and warranted frustration.

We, who have something to do, cannot know how our neighbour feels when he or she has nothing to do unless we walk in his or her shoes. However, this should not stop us from trying. It is in this spirit that I would wish to urge not only our youths but to urge all the youths in the world to take advantage of all opportunities that comes their way.

The world is yours. Stand up and take it. God places no obstacle in your path that you cannot overcome. Our afflictions are only for a time. There is always a way. Finding this way is the key.

What do you do when you did everything right but nobody gives you the chance to exercise what you have learned thus far? This is what happens to so many of us. We study as hard as we can, we go to church every given Sunday, we speak with respect to our elders and we keep the faith and spirit of our parents. Why then is life so hard for us? Are what our parents and teachers taught enough for such a dynamic world?

The value of education today may not be what gets you ahead tomorrow. The networks that you build today may not turn out to be the opportunity building networks you thought they were.

In truth, you must always keep moving and evolving with the times. These are such times. Adaptability is crucial. Search not for a salary. Instead, look for sustainable income. You need not work for anyone. Actually, you who know many things can build an opportunity for hundreds if not thousands.

For example, we live in a globalized world. There are more than three hundred and sixty million people worldwide using the internet annually. Another statistic states that there are more than two hundred and fifty million domains registered across the world. The future, I believe, is in the internet. This is where you need to be.

You can start simply as a pawn working under the kings and queens in this new marketplace, then move on as a king and queen yourself. It all depends on how you adapt and how you react to every opportunity. One thing is sure. You must seize the opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

You should think about selling products and/or sell services over the internet. The internet has no Godfather. It has no existing aristocracy. You do not need to be a certain tribe. You need not worry about your faith and/or gender. Here, it is just you and your imagination. Take advantage of it today.
Here are a couple of places you can start from and then move on to greater things.

• Academic Writing
–,, Academicexperts.Us (BrownieFreelance Limited)

• Content Writing

• Selling Products Over The Internet

• Forex Trading
– Windsor Brokers
– Alpari

Please share you insights on these or other opportunities that you know of. Let us help each other. We only have each other. The politicians are looking out for themselves.

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