Kimz Entertainment…

Action Film

KIMZ ENTERTAINMENT…  for the best movies in town at the most reasonable prices!

World Business Center along Tom Mboya, 2nd Floor at Linknet Cyber

Check it Out today!

The price is unbelievable! The latest movies even before they hit the cinema is now available to you at only 50/= bob.

Yeah… that’s right! 50/= bob!

Epic action adventure film

Clear copies… no camera copies….

You can surf the world wide web at only 0.50 cents per minute and still catch a movie on your way out!

Super Hero Film

KIMZ ENTERTAINMENT… Only the best for you… only the best!

KIMZ ENTERTAINMENT is  subsidiary of the  Elias Kimemia Group of Companies!


2 thoughts on “Kimz Entertainment…

  1. <Purity, sorry for the long wait but the Hustlers' Pad has finally kicked off! It will not disappoint.

    Soma kwa bidii…

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