Homosexuality: The Final Arguments, Part 5

The hate, the anger and ‘homophobic’ attitude of Christians towards homosexuals may be greatly exaggerated. We may in fact be talking out of sincerity, hope and truth. (Please note the use of may… it’s for both our benefit) I know that I am. We do not wish to condemn homosexuals but to bring them into the fold of promoting life.

Economics is very big on efficiency. Each relationship must produce as many children as possible.This is not possible with homosexuality.The surrogates you speak of ought to be in their own relationship producing their own children and homosexuals on the other hand need to produce children within their relationship. The latter case is impossible. The process you suggest is rigid, inefficient and thereby less productive. Again, science e.g. test tubes babies, cloning etc. it is open to flaws, manipulation and disaster.

You should acknowledge that life will not always be guaranteed. You see the US looking for other earth like planets, solar systems etc. We need all options on the table… we cannot have inefficiencies take root now or in future esp. when a huge number of disasters (solar flares, eruption at Yellow Stone park, shifts of the magnetic poles, comets, others unknown etc.) are way overdue –> please Google them.

Millions and millions of years of life, from dinosaurs to plants to apes to man, has devised heterosexuality as the most effective means of propagating life and we, barely ten thousand years old are so bright that we can circumvent that process and formulate our own, without dire consequences? Look at global warming, back in the day people thought they had it made big but people are now dying right and the world is in peril. If you had told people to respect nature then they would have told of human ingenuity, science and progress, wouldn’t they?

Homosexuality exists on a small scale but so did radioactivity in the 1900s. Who knew that this experiment by Marie Curie would come to be one of the greatest threats to life ever known? And again, the existence of heterosexuality and homosexuality does not make either one right but with heterosexuality comes life; now, then and forever. However, with homosexuality comes nothing; now, then and forever. Therefore, if life is right then heterosexuality is right.

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