Homosexuality: The Final Arguments, Part 3

We all know that there are those who pervert the scripture and those who don’t. Why do you choose to listen to those who do? You see, the mind is a terrible master. You can at times make a conclusion and then build up an argument to support that conclusion instead of the other way round. For instance, you actually argue based on morality as opposed to amorality. Your have decided that Christians hold certain views and impose those views on others. You strongly feel that this should not be the case. This is indeed a moral stand.


However, from an amoral viewpoint you must ignore the Christians, forget your notion of right and wrong and focus on what is. Homosexuality is undesirable for any species, alien or otherwise. That is fact. In terms of amorality, homosexuality should be nipped in the bud as often and as soon as it props up. In amorality, there are no whims about it. Here, it is to eliminate that which is not desirable. For instance, male lions kill cubs that are not theirs without the slightest hesitation. Reason, amorality… where only that which is desirable is to survive.

If you free your mind to explore you might find that homosexuality only survives because there is morality which is the foundation of religion. It is our belief that men can change, that only God can give and take life and that we are all sinners that prevents us from undertaking what would be then the natural course of amorality. You cannot argue morality because to be moral, one must at first have a conscience, to have a conscience one must at first believe in right and wrong but who determines what is right and wrong, what informs your conscience… therein lies the concept of a Supreme Being and once you embark on that concept you will find that it only supports life just as it built it to continue over the ages for eternity.

In short, in amorality there is no argument… Darwin’s theory takes precedence and form. In morality, your argument would lack internal consistency since you would fall back on a Supreme Being (you might try to explain it in various ways… The Truth, the universe, the collective will of men, Jesus, perfect harmony, peace etc. but it is still the concept of a Supreme Being)

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley

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