Homosexuality: The Final Arguments, Part 2

There was once a man who wanted to build a house. This man then met a landowner who sold him land in a valley to build his house. The landowner told him that it is best to build in such an area because the soil would hold the house in place. When the rains came they swept away the house the man had built in the valley. The man decided to start a farm and another landowner tried to sell him land in the valley telling him that the soil would lead to a good amount of produce. The prospective farmer shouted insults at this other landowner accusing him of lies and being a thief.

You see the man had become a slave to his past. In his effort to prevent being cheated he had actually failed to instead focus on the truth. In your effort to be liberal you forget that you should be truthful instead. In your desire to escape your African ‘ignorance’ you forget to be mindful of your ‘African Wisdom’. In your move towards ‘modernity’ you forget that nothing anew has ever happened in this era or past eras or new eras to come. Only one thing has remained constant, life! You are indeed slaves to your desires to seem liberal and/or to be liberal. So strong are your chains of slavery that you forget to recognize the truth in what is indeed truthful.

I do not condemn homosexuals, I promote life. It just happens that heterosexuality is the most practical, efficient, and even ‘renewable’ means of sustaining and promoting life anywhere within the universe; animals, plants, humans and gods included. This is an inarguable fact and since I promote life at all possible instances then that I must therefore promote heterosexuality at all possible instances. If this offends homosexuals and those that support them then I am saddened. I am sad because they focus on ‘modernity and liberalism’ that they fail to see the truth. If anyone should support life in future and now then let him support heterosexuality. If anyone supports homosexuality then let him still not deny the place, power and necessity of heterosexuality, over and above any other mechanism ever known or conceptualized, for the continuance of life now and forever.

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