Homosexuality: The Final Arguments, Part 1

You must ask yourself one question? What to you is the world and what to you is the end of the world? For instance, is it true that that world is life and that the end of the world is in fact the end of life on earth. If this is the case then you would not deny that all processes – human, godly or otherwise – that may stunt or impede the propagation of life are in fact steps closer to the end. In that case, it is the extent of these processes that would alert you to the nearness of the end.

Gay Rights Flag

If homosexuality, bestiality and other human processes stunt or impede the propagation of life then they are processes that bring us closer to the end, are they not? Ask yourself, does homosexuality and/or bestiality promote life? Then ask yourself, does the relationship between man and woman promote life? Which of the two if practiced would ensure the preservation and survival of life here on earth and which one would bring us closer to the end?

Then ask yourself, is it not a known fact that both homosexuality and bestiality are actually gaining legitimacy (in the legal sense) and are therefore increasingly being practiced at levels never seen before? Are these steps towards ‘individual freedoms’ promoting life in both the short and long run? Are we moving closer to preserving life or further from it as these human relations take root and become pervaded in our society? If we are not moving towards life then are we not moving towards the end?

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