From A Little Cottage in Negril

As you might have guessed this letter was not written from a little cottage in Negril. It was actually written from a little cyber café in Moi University Main Campus, Cafe Connect. Back in the day we did not have internet in our hostels so we had to make use of cyber cafés. In campus I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady. A lady who had just come to Main Campus but soon afterwards decided that another career path was more suitable for her. So when she left we would often communicate through Facebook.  I used to do my research work at Cafe Connect and occasionally sign into Facebook. One day she sent me a sweet text and this was my reply… read on.

“Life is a roller-coaster, you never know how it will go. I am like this scared rabbit… (don’t laugh). At times, it may be what I cannot say. At times, it may be what I am not supposed to feel. At times, it may be what may happen if I share my feelings with you. At times it is just fear, whether warranted or unwarranted, I do not know. All in all I am sure about one thing… how I feel is all because of you.
You are an African Queen and by all means a remarkable heart. You’re a jewel to behold. You’re a representation of heaven’s gracious nature. You’re a wonder that has just abruptly jumped into my life. You’re a person whose enthusiasm relieves the pain from my troubled soul. You’re an excellent conversationalist. Your truly an intellectual who is witty, intriguing and I must say, unparalleled.
You’re an African Queen whose mere voice serves to penetrate the innermost sanctum of my soul. When you speak you pierce through the very walls that fortify my heart. You’re an African Queen with an alluring personality, an African Queen whose eyes not only capture her beauty but also betray her spirit’s innocence. Your eyes are laden with truth. I actually miss looking into your eyes. I often try to look into them and see if you feel the same way about me.
You’re the true essence of a lady. You are a miracle of humanity. You are a charmer, a companion, you are my truth. Words escape me, my mouth is dry but my soul still continues to speak praises of you. You are who you are, to me you’re simply a manifestation of God’s insistence to create perfection.”

I’ve often tried to run to where she is but the distance is quite far and there is still so much to be done here in the big city. Time is running scarce. I am fearful that soon the party there will have to go on without me if it has not gone on already.

Point of note: This was way back in 2010 i.e. on April 25, 2010 at 2.12pm so please do not dwell on the fact that I am at pains to express myself. I tried, didn’t I?

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