A Short-lived Romance at the St. John Annual Parade

We were all young. We were all foolish. However,  I was always more of foolish than I was young. It so happened that the St. John Ambulance (Ditchez chapter) had been invited to the Annual St. John Parade at the KICC and I was a proud cadet.

As always, Daggoe dudes were smartly clad for any function. The newest shirts from the mono’s always looked good on the seniors and then there was that ever-present fashionable ‘colombo’ trouser (please forgive my spelling).

However, I was a bit different, I didn’t get (or put more accurately, take) anything from the ‘monos’. I instead borrowed these items from my fellow seniors. I didn’t care much about ‘looking cool’ thing but I tried (though many may argue that I nonetheless failed).

I hustled up an old ‘colombo’ from a friend, washed it overnight, borrowed an iron from one of my roommates and then ‘dried’ it in the morning. I borrowed a black slip-over here, some cologne over there and wouldn’t you know it… I was good to go!

So we boarded the ‘KQ Jumbo’ flight at around mid morning and alighted at the KICC grounds. It was beautiful… by that I mean that the girls were just beautiful. A sight for sore eyes! We got into formation and I started looking around. I had heard that a specific girl’s school was around and I was eager to see if she had come. It was later confirmed, she had come!

We all took a break from the parade; rehearsal were over and now we were just waiting for Moody Awori to arrive. So we met up with her and decided to take a little walk (not that there was any place to go since the KICC grounds were as you know, small and finite!) It just seemed like a good idea at the time and we really wanted to catch up.

I couldn’t even hear a word she was saying, her beauty was my distraction. I just kept thinking about how beautiful she had become and how awesome she was back in the day. I glimpsed at her often but as she would look away. It’s like she knew what I was doing. I would also occasionally fall into a trance just by looking at her and she would immediately turn to me and smile, giggle a bit, ignore the fact that I was completely taken by her and then we would walk on.

So we came near to the statue of the late ‘founding father’, found some place to sit and then we continued chatting. Please don’t ask what we were chatting about because honestly… I don’t have the slightest clue! Again, her beauty was my distraction.

Anyhow, my black tie was a bit out-of-place and she offered to fix it for me. I hesitated but I knew she was testing me… so I accepted. Time stood still the moment she touched my tie. I reveled in her beauty. At that moment I wanted to tell her how beautiful she was but I couldn’t get the words out… it was just too much for a boy like me.

She could see that I was nervous and deeply troubled. I was stuttering and almost sweating like a pig. She just smiled and giggled. her beauty still taunting me. My heart beat faster and faster. I knew I had to speak. I had to tell her how I feel. If I didn’t then I would lose that chance forever.

ironic, isn’t it? I could argue with my parents, uncles, aunties, teachers, friends, sisters, brother and even perfect strangers in a heartbeat but at this moment all the words I had ever learned thus far failed me. I could not tell her that she is the most beautiful women I had ever met at the time. She is still one of the most beautiful women I have ever known to date.

Soon the parade was back on and we had to go back into formation. The moment was over, the chance had been lost.

Points of note: A ‘colombo’ looks like the popular late 60s or early 70s trousers in America that were considered a popular alternative to our unfashionable high school trousers.

This story started off as a political article but then I got off track. I was to begin with this piece and then end on a political note but I soon noticed that they both need their own space. It was meant to show the purity of thought, reason and sanctity of a moment as opposed to the grotesque reality of politics. It was to encourage us to make sure that our children enjoy such memories as opposed to recalling events of war and destruction. You can check out my article ‘The Supreme Court Decision: Why Is This Politician Worth Dying For?’ to see how far I went off track.

You may also want to read the following article. Please click on the link below to find out more.


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