What Is The Position Of The Church In The 21st Century?

Did you know that there are about 2.1 billion Christians in the world? That is a good number right? However, the world has more than 7.138 billion people. Now do you see? The position of the Church in the 21st century is clear.

The first problem we have today is historical i.e. old suspicions and conflicts between various groups in the Church are an impediment to a united front. Without a united front, we cannot build an unshakeable ministry of faith that targets those who do not know Christ. Remember, there are more people in this world who have heard of Christ but do not really know him than those who have heard of him and really know him. However, this problem is not as great as the second one.

The second problem we have is vanity. Those who claim to lead the flock are today the very best businesspeople. They worry too much about their shares, their businesses, their families and their future rather than focusing on the mission of ministry. How can the flock forsake wealth in favor of Christ when the shepherd is the wealthiest among them? How can the flock focus on ministry when the shepherd’s business, family and other earthly affairs are slowly but surely shifting his focus away from the word of Christ?

As you can see, the Church has a clear role to play in today’s society. The question is whether the Church is playing this role. In my opinion, the Church is losing relevance by the day. The politics of men, the love of women, the lure of wealth and the lust of power are all taking their toll on the Church.

It is upon the new generation to free themselves of the chains of the past. In other words, the coming generation has the privilege of reading through history. They can understand the events, transgressions and afflictions of the past through their own wisdom. Old men after their own desires can no longer spread ignorance and hate among the children of Christ if only the children of Christ choose to question their leaders and seek their own truth.

It is also upon the new generation to deal with the vanity of today’s world. This vanity is slowly eroding the power and purpose of the Church. The only way of confronting this vanity is by shielding ourselves with the cloth of Christ and forsaking the temptations of a new world. How can we do this when what we preach to the congregation is in itself vanity and a masked attempt at fulfilling earthly desires? Do we not feel shame anytime we defend those who distort the word of Christ for their own gain? Do we not feel disgusted when we condemn those who speak out against the vanity that has crept into the Church?

Yes, the Church has a role to play. However, our first mission is to look inside ourselves, search deep inside our souls and then separate the Church from our own vanity. In so doing, the Church will still play its role even if we fall to temptation. Alas, the Church will die a slow and painful death if we fail in our first mission.


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