What Is Sin And Who Is A Sinner?

So what is sin? Well, it can be anything you want it to be. For example, you can wake up tomorrow and declare it a sin to eat red meat. You will not lack a theological basis for anything you declare sinful. All you need to do is to zero in on a particular phenomenon, ignore its advantages or call them temptations and then amplify its disadvantages. Add in a couple of verses and you are good to go. It is as simple as that.

A case in point, why do Christian churches have differing views when it comes to pork, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking even though they all recognize and appreciate the Old and the New Testament.

Alternatively, sin can be what it really is i.e. a crime against man, life, one’s own soul and God. Sins in this case can include blasphemy, homosexuality, abortion, masturbation, murder, adultery, lying, fornication, euthanasia, stealing, corruption etc. The list is endless but you get the point. Just to reiterate, sin in my opinion, is a crime committed against your fellow-man, your own soul, life or God.

Adolf Hitler, in my opinion, was a sinner but we all sinners, are we not. Yes, this man’s life lead to the death of millions around the world but his rise did not happen in a vacuum. The generation at that time bears some responsibility for creating an enabling environment for this man to perpetuate his hate for others. In this respect, focusing on one man’s sin and defining that man through that sin is to ignore our role in the development and perpetuation of his sin.

Humanity is a complex system of internal and external environments. At times, these environments are at odds with each other and at times, they are in perfect harmony with each other. A remedy for a tumultuous internal environment is a stable and accommodating external environment hence, why the Church exists. This external environment must create a soft landing for a troubled soul. The soul in question must feel at ease to express itself and address its troubles in a comprehensive way as opposed to a one-off remedy.

Remember, a man can decide to change in an instant but dealing with his pain can take a lifetime. Moreover, we must not only look at the man but we must also understand where his comes from and accept the fact that others might still be where he has come from. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of all the circumstances that led to his sin is imperative if we are to prevent or save others from sinning in the same way.

In other words, we must recognize that we, as an external environment, have a role to play in the furtherance of each other’s sin or in its impediment. Christians, in particular, must recognize that constantly condemning the sinful instead of accommodating them does not bear much fruit. Instead, an introduction of perfect harmony, perfect love and perfect justice for those with troubled souls is necessary. The Church must open itself to all kinds of troubled souls without discrimination and then help these souls through the love of Christ and not through the fear of Hell.


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