The Universality of Christ’s Message

The Catholic Church, in my opinion and going by the literature I have read thus far, does not consider itself a denomination. It considers itself the Universal Church that stems from the Universality of Christ’s message. It is the message of Christ that gives rise to the Church. The teachings come and then the Church becomes.

We would be many in one if all of us, even if not connected in any way would deliver the message of Christ as is. This is the concept of the Truth. The truth is, no matter who speaks its, how many speak it or when they speak it. The question is, do we speak the Truth or do we speak our own truth and then supplement it with the Truth? The latter case is most likely true for most of us.

Again, there can be one family but a few of our family members may be in disagreement and/or in discovery of their own self. The family would still be one. However, the cause of the disagreements matter. Were the disagreements a result of political manoeuvres, a disenfranchisement in leadership, a lack of understanding and/or a sincere disillusionment with the direction the family is taking?

The one who holds the family values and principles in trust is the one to seek. He is the one who matters then, before and after you answer any of these questions. Even in the case of self-discovery, where this one lies, so does the heart and spirit of the family.

What happens when the dissenting family members are not in disagreement and/or in self-discovery? What happens if they are simply on the wrong path? What if what they are pursuing is not within the teaching of Christ but a creation of their own thoughts? Well, in this case, the Church would lie with he who is in the right path.

Therefore, the end conclusion of Christ’s message is a Universal Church. This is the concept of consistency. It is also important to note that the Church as a concept and as a body is not static. The Church flows to where the teachings of Christ are.

As you can also see, there can be no denomination for what gives rise to the Church is one message.

Therefore, it is impossible for me to follow or put my trust in what does not exist. Further, I cannot place one thing over another when there is nothing in the first place that may or may not give rise to the other. To put it simply, I hold no notion of the existence of denominations for no division exists in the message of Christ. I only use the term because of my limited English.

I also find that he who considers himself to be in a denomination to be lost to the teachings of Christ because for such a person does not fully understand the universality of Christ’s message.

Finally, I tend to believe that See of Rome is the best custodian of these teachings as were taught by Christ himself. I also believe that the See of Rome best interprets these teachings. I also believe that due to the first two, the See of Rome is best fit to carry out the apostolic function of the Church. In so saying, the teachings of Christ give rise to one Universal and Apostolic Church, the Catholic Church. This is my humble opinion.

All others are those who need to come back in the fold. They need to forget the materialistic world, to forget glory, to forget their ambition, to forget ‘modernity’ and to help build a stronger apostolic movement. For example, their teachings on wealth especially when it comes to God’s servants, homosexuality, euthanasia, contraception, abortion, divorce, celibacy of priests, social justice, class, prophecy, atheism, other religions, the concept of hell and who will go there etc. all need to fall outside of a mortal world and into the realm of Christ’s teachings. This is my humble opinion.

To me, there is One Christ, One Teaching, One Sacrament and One Church i.e. the Universal Church.

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