The Church: In Aetate Nostra

You can argue with an abused woman as much as you want but at the end of the day, you may be wasting your time. The truth is always as clear as day and everybody sees it. There is no love when a man is constantly abusing you. However, the abused woman may explain the abuse as a normal part of love. How sad. Please pray for such women and pray for the Church for it is the same with the Church and today’s generation.

People live in poverty or are afraid of it. Others just want wealth. The congregation will come up with as many explanations as possible to defend their church leaders but the truth will always remain. No church leader should be wealthy. This is the truth. You can deny it all you want but what it is will always be.

The Church does not stand just because many people claim to be followers of Christ. In fact, many of those who claim to come in Christ’s name are the very same people whose actions turn people away from the doors of the Church. In this way, such people make the church irrelevant. Rather, the Church stands because of those who recognize the evils that people do in the name of Christ and denounce them. This is the only reason why the Church remains relevant in today’s society.

Assumptions are dangerous. This is true. However, what else do fools have to justify their thoughts? The promise of Christ will hold true. This is a fact. However, fools assume that somehow, someway this promise will hold true. This is a dangerous assumption but it is a necessary one for them if they are to continue with their ways of vanity in addition to defending the vanity of their Church leaders.

Moreover, a fool would assume that the church is relevant because he or she sees a building with many people inside it. What the fool does not understand is that the Church is not a political unit or a game of numbers. There can be thousands of buildings with millions of adherents but no Church if those attending service in these buildings speak more of earthly things than of God and His love.

What men of reason understand is that Christ charged us with the task of ensuring that his promise holds true. This means that we must create a structure to perpetuate this promise. Obviously, this structure will have mistakes for we are human. Therefore, we have to reinvent it constantly for it to fulfill its mission.

How can there be a reinvention when we keep on repeating the same mistakes. Worse still, how can we reinvent this structure when we actually defend these mistakes? Do we not lose sight of our mission when we refuse to acknowledge our indiscretions? Do we not lose relevance every time we move towards earthly things and away from the message of Christ?

In truth, you can have as many buildings as you want, as many followers as is possible and as much wealth as the congregation can give you but at the end of the day your Church will be judged by how many people came to love themselves and to love their neighbor through Christ. So ask yourself, what does your Church say about wealth? What does your Church say about other Churches? What does your church say about other religious groups?

If your Church encourages the pursuit of wealth, fosters hatred/suspicions against other Churches and/or condemns other religious groups then what you have is a building and not a Church. Do not behave in a similar way to the abused woman mentioned above. Learn to recognize and appreciate the truth.


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