I Do Not Believe In Struggling

I do not believe in struggling. I believe that God created enough for everyone. He also made us unique so that we can help each other in case we are inadequate in a particular area. For example, doctors treat patients, and teachers educate students, etc. On a micro level, God gives you family and friends who can help you sort your issues. You should assist them as well.

Why are you struggling despite these safeguards put in place by God? Well, I believe it is because someone somewhere is not playing his part. That person could be you. It could be an individual close to you, or perhaps it is a person you do not know.

For example, maybe you are struggling to live in a posh area when you should be in a low-income area. You could also be living in a one-bedroom house when you should be in a bedsitter. In truth, you are stupid. Cut your coat according to your cloth. Life is that simple. Instead, we choose to live in a constant state of want where we have little or no surplus.

Perhaps you are struggling to please the apple of your eye. Leave that fool alone. Remember, affection is free and effortless. If you are struggling to get it, then what you seek is not love so let it be. Remember, a relationship should be an exchange of affection. It should not be an exchange of sex/money for affection.

I have watched men avoiding ‘ugly’ women who have the right qualities for a wife. Similarly, I have witnessed women avoiding ‘poor’ male companions who have the right kind of heart for a husband. Moreover, both genders try to marry someone they can show off as a trophy to their family members, friends, or colleagues. Still, you wonder why you struggle. Still, you wonder why happiness is so elusive.


Another case of unwarranted suffering occurs when people who are close to you fail to act right. Family members are usually guilty of this sin. You might find that your relatives seek drama, but they avoid progress. All they can offer you is endless quarrels. Backbiting is also the order of the day. In this case, you are struggling because someone knows you have a strong attachment to him or her. That attachment, if abused, is slavery.

I have also noticed that some people hang around bad company. Companions you have to impress with the way you talk or dress. You have to own the right car and live in a ‘proper’ neighborhood. “When are we going out?” is the only thing you would hear from some of your friends. That is sad. Since when did friendship have conditions attached to it? Endelea tu na ujinga yako. That is why you are struggling.

Of course, I cannot forget the government & other authorities. These entities thrive on limiting the freedoms of those they govern. That is why so many people struggle. Why should doctors be on strike when they could be conducting research on cancer? Where is the money the government takes from us?

We create unnecessary frustrations and tensions when we fail to play our part. More importantly, we invite hate into our hearts when we struggle so hard with little or no success. Do you agree with me? What causes our suffering? Is it natural? Is it the result of someone’s irresponsible behavior?


I Shall Not Change

I do not believe that I have ever rejected any woman in my first score and six years. Instead, let history say that during this time every woman rejected me. You see, I will not change and by asking me to change, they rejected me. I, on the other hand, never asked any of them to change and as such, I have never rejected any woman during this time. I wait for the day that the Lord will deliver unto me a woman who will not ask me to change for it is a self-evident fact I will never change.

So How Does The Fairy Tale End?

“So how does the fairy tale end? The slightest clue I have not. All I am is but a vessel on a journey whose path was set even before the cosmos came into being. It is only my duty as a vessel, at the mercy and pleasure of the gods, to reach my destination even though where I head to is but a mystery to me and to all those who follow me. Let the gods do with me as they please, for that is why they are the gods. Let me not fail in my duty, for that is why I am here.” – Nahashon Kimemia

My Family; the Heart and Soul of God

“It is through my family that I can see the heart and soul of God. His heart is merciful and His soul is glorious. This I have seen through my family, with my own two eyes, in my days here on earth. The human spirit lives and thrives in them.

I see their struggles; I am there when they triumph. I know their faults; yet they constantly surprise me with their strengths. I am but a weakness in the fabric of this family; still, they accept me without condition.

I would put an end to my ambition, forego all my needs and sacrifice all the pleasures of life to be part of God’s own heart, my family. I would also risk it all, heal all wounds, mend all fences and garner all courage to be part of God’s own conscience, my family.”

– Nahashon Kimemia.