Should We Give in to Raila’s Demand for a Nusu Mkate Government? Should We Ignore Him?

Raila Odinga wants an interim government for the next six months. He also feels that a comprehensive review of the Kenyan constitution is necessary. Moreover, the former Prime Minister of the Republic is against the swearing-in of Uhuru as President. Raila outlined these demands during a recent interview with Reuters TV. Should we give in to what he wants? Can we afford to ignore such an individual who commands a massive and fanatical following? Understanding the enigma of Kenyan politics, Raila, provides you with an answer to these questions.
We must accept the fact that the threat of violence is a tool of political negotiation. Raila does not shy away from using it to his advantage. Remember, the danger of anarchy in Kenya in 2007 gave birth to the position of Prime Minister. However, the most famous example of Raila’s willingness to use violence as a means of gaining power is his participation in the 1982 coup attempt. Most recently, the threat of chaos reduced voter turnout in many areas across Kenya while preventing voting altogether in twenty-five constituencies.
Why is violence a tool that Raila is willing to use in his political endeavors? He is an excellent strategist. Why should he choose violence over persuasion? Well, Kenya is a tribal nation. It is difficult for him to persuade Kenyans to vote for him unless he plays the tribal card. However, doing so is within the realm of possibility especially for a master strategist like Raila. Therefore, there exists another reason why he chooses violence over political persuasion. The reason is that he lacks a coherent economic ideology that would unify all Kenyans behind him.
Unfortunately, his message is a populist one like that of Fidel Castro, Stalin, and Mao. These men followed a Marxian ideology that thrived on making people feel victimized. These Marxists unified their base against another class of individuals. Then, they promised their followers heaven if they would change the government by force. They succeeded in their endeavors, but the level of oppression worsened. Fidel made a life for the religious unbearable. Stalin persecuted dissenters. Mao targeted intellectuals.
You cannot give in to Raila because he will demand more and more until he gets power. You cannot ignore him because he might surprise you in future with a fatal blow. Do not marginalize his people. They will rally behind him if you do. Do not kill his people. He will use their blood as a warring cry. Remember that Raila will never give up so prepare for a continuous political mood for many years to come. Approach him with soft power at all times and reach out to dissenters within his camp. Most importantly, be a good president. In other words, end the ills that Raila keeps mentioning in his rallies.


Nahashon Is Thinking About Marriage

I cannot sleep right now and I do not have any active arguments online. Therefore, I thought it would be nice if I wrote something small. It is about marriage. Many people look at me and they ask why I am not yet married. I look at myself and I say, “Thank God, I made it this far, a luta continua.” Marriage is a serious thing and I intend to be a good husband, but more importantly, a good father. That means preparation and prayer.

I remember talking to a beautiful chick (one of the top ten most beautiful women I ever met. Yes, I have a personal top 10 list) when I was twenty or so. We were talking religion. I told her that I must examine who was right between the Protestants and Catholics. She told me it is impossible. I concurred adding that this dispute covers many centuries. How can I know who is right within a lifetime? Well, I got my answer albeit six or so years later. Now I can teach my children the Catholic faith with confidence.

In campus, I started thinking from a broader perspective than I had thought before I got to university. I wanted to decide between faiths. In fact, I wanted to see if faith in itself was correct. Again, I think I covered that one. Atheism is a limited form of philosophy much like a child who never grows. It also became apparent that the basis of Christianity is Truth and Love, unlike other world religions. Only those two things are real so faiths that emphasize on anything else other than these two concepts have inherent flaws.

As you can see, my preparation towards marriage is fundamentally different from that pursued by other people. Next, I had to deal with lust because it makes you stupid. To put it differently, you cannot think clearly when you are a victim of your passions. Men can marry a woman thinking that they love her, but lust is driving them to her, not love. For example, someone could be mistreating you yet you choose to ignore it. You ignore it consciously or subconsciously. I believe I have conquered all aspects of lust with the exception of ogling. That one is still in the works, but I will get there soon.

Finally, there is a woman’s beauty. I admit it. I am vain as reflected in having a top 10 list of beautiful chicks I have met. I have sidelined women simply because I do not find them physically attractive. I believe I have known the most beautiful women this world has to offer or we can just say Kenya for now. Still, I would find tiny flaws in them to help me escape a relationship. For example, there was one with a big forehead. Funny thing is that she is exceptionally beautiful and she does not have a big forehead. It was just my mind helping me avoid commitment.

Anyhow, my next step after conquering ogling is to focus on inner beauty. Doing so would exponentially increase the pool of women available to me. It would also increase their quality. You see, limiting yourself to artificial parameters reduces your chances of happiness substantially. You settle for stupidity, chaos, or unhappiness simply because you value beauty. I always remind myself that my children require a good mother. They would never see her as an ugly person so why am I focusing on it.

Dwelling on such parameters at the expense of a person’s goodness is selfish. I would also term it as a crime against my children. Does that mean I will get an ugly wife? No, it does not because everyone is beautiful. I think I will be ready for marriage as soon as I conquer this final part ceteris paribus. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa. I need to sleep. Kesho in church.

Post Script: I have just received a notification that someone replied to a debate I initiated on Facebook. I am still going to sleep. I will debate about Coptic Christians in Egypt tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Thinking about it means 6 years or so in my book.

Why Did Southerners become Republicans? Why did Northerners become Democrats?

Southerners have always been poor as compared to their Northern counterparts. The heavy reliance on the slave labor made it difficult for them to let go of it. Northerners relied on commerce as opposed to agriculture. They had no use for slavery so opposition for it within the North grew without much opposition.

The legacy of the slave trade which persisted more in the south than in the north meant that Southerners were more opposed to civil rights movements than Northerners were. Again, education and wealth were more in the North than the South so that played a role as well.

Republicans have always been big on God and they used him properly. For example, they drew their arguments from the Bible and the US Constitution as they fought against slavery in the 1800s and racial discrimination in the 1960s. The SDA Church was particularly militant explaining why so many of their members today are African-American.

Dems have always supported relativism i.e. you have to evaluate something based on its present circumstance. Slavery was bad, but the economy required it. Blacks were human, but races are different.

Slowly, the Northerners, educated and wealthy, started pushing the boundaries of previously unquestioned virtues. For example, they supported abortion, gay marriages, and *freedom from religion* among other things.

The Republican Party became inconvenient for the Northerners because it always had God/absolutism as a central theme. The Democratic Party became their home because relativism is its central theme.

Conversely, the Southern States, which had always valued religion, independence, and tradition, saw that the relativism of the Dem Party had gone too far. Consequently, the Republican Party started feeling like home.

More importantly, the Republican Party valued Constitutionalism. Constitutionalism means the states retain the right to deal with matters not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution e.g. gay marriages, abortion, and cross-gender bathrooms. It also means that judges have to interpret the Constitution based on the thoughts and intentions of the founders.

Today, US judges are giving political rulings as opposed to constitutional ones. Roe vs. Wade is a classic example. The recent ruling on Trump’s extreme vetting order is also political as opposed to being judicial. It is the judicial tyranny the founding fathers feared.

Southern States want a high level of freedom from the federal government. It is important to remember that the Southern States always felt looked down upon by their Northern counterparts. They detested federal interference in state matters. Remember, the fight against slavery in the 1800s and racial discrimination in the 1960s only succeeded because of federal interference.

The founders also wanted freedom from the federal government. That means Southerners might have to fight to retain this freedom in case the federal government goes too far hence their emphasis on gun rights. For example, federal agencies under Obama forced religious institutions to buy contraceptives for their employees. Catholic universities had to remove crucifixes in their campuses for them to get federal funding.

The founding fathers warned against increased government. They knew it would attack the liberties they valued.  They also called upon Americans to resist it when it arises, not if it arises. The Second Amendment is there for that precise reason. The Democrats, knowing they might have to force their decisions on some people, do not want it there.

In summary, the education and wealth of the north allowed them to start on absolute principles, but they veered into relativist ideas, as they became elitists. The South started dependent on relativist ideas, but with absolutism simmering under the surface. Eventually, their dependence on relativist ideas faded and absolutism came to the surface.

I Do Not Believe In Struggling

I do not believe in struggling. I believe that God created enough for everyone. He also made us unique so that we can help each other in case we are inadequate in a particular area. For example, doctors treat patients, and teachers educate students, etc. On a micro level, God gives you family and friends who can help you sort your issues. You should assist them as well.

Why are you struggling despite these safeguards put in place by God? Well, I believe it is because someone somewhere is not playing his part. That person could be you. It could be an individual close to you, or perhaps it is a person you do not know.

For example, maybe you are struggling to live in a posh area when you should be in a low-income area. You could also be living in a one-bedroom house when you should be in a bedsitter. In truth, you are stupid. Cut your coat according to your cloth. Life is that simple. Instead, we choose to live in a constant state of want where we have little or no surplus.

Perhaps you are struggling to please the apple of your eye. Leave that fool alone. Remember, affection is free and effortless. If you are struggling to get it, then what you seek is not love so let it be. Remember, a relationship should be an exchange of affection. It should not be an exchange of sex/money for affection.

I have watched men avoiding ‘ugly’ women who have the right qualities for a wife. Similarly, I have witnessed women avoiding ‘poor’ male companions who have the right kind of heart for a husband. Moreover, both genders try to marry someone they can show off as a trophy to their family members, friends, or colleagues. Still, you wonder why you struggle. Still, you wonder why happiness is so elusive.


Another case of unwarranted suffering occurs when people who are close to you fail to act right. Family members are usually guilty of this sin. You might find that your relatives seek drama, but they avoid progress. All they can offer you is endless quarrels. Backbiting is also the order of the day. In this case, you are struggling because someone knows you have a strong attachment to him or her. That attachment, if abused, is slavery.

I have also noticed that some people hang around bad company. Companions you have to impress with the way you talk or dress. You have to own the right car and live in a ‘proper’ neighborhood. “When are we going out?” is the only thing you would hear from some of your friends. That is sad. Since when did friendship have conditions attached to it? Endelea tu na ujinga yako. That is why you are struggling.

Of course, I cannot forget the government & other authorities. These entities thrive on limiting the freedoms of those they govern. That is why so many people struggle. Why should doctors be on strike when they could be conducting research on cancer? Where is the money the government takes from us?

We create unnecessary frustrations and tensions when we fail to play our part. More importantly, we invite hate into our hearts when we struggle so hard with little or no success. Do you agree with me? What causes our suffering? Is it natural? Is it the result of someone’s irresponsible behavior?

Let Us Talk About Mary, The Mother Of God: A Response To Gerald M.G.

The person who fixes my dreads (sorry, I meant the person who retouches my dreads. You see Naomi, I remembered.) is not working today, so I have some time to write something small. A friend of mine recently shared a verse with me i.e. First Timothy 2:5. The verse says, “For there is only one God, and there is only one mediator between God and humanity, himself a human being, Christ Jesus.”

He also shared other verses including Matthew 5:23-24, which says, “So then, if you are bringing your offering to the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, go and be reconciled with your brother first, and then come back and present your offering.”

Another verse he mentioned is James 5:14-15, which says, “Anyone of you who is ill should send for the elders of the church, and they must anoint the sick person with oil in the name of the Lord and pray over him.”

Now, I had quoted James 5:16. It says, “So confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another to be cured; the heartfelt prayer of someone upright works very powerfully.” I had used this verse to show that God asks us to pray for another and therefore, we should ask the Holy Mother to pray for us. I was trying to show people where the last verse of the Hail Mary Prayer comes from i.e. “Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death amen.” (The word ‘I’ in this paragraph refers to the pic I  shared that had the explanation on Mary. In other words, someone else came up with it, but I happened to agree with him. Please see the picture below.)


Where is the Hail Mary Prayer in the Bible


His argument, basing it on Matthew 5:23-24, was that we should confess our sins to one another. No one is arguing against that. Ironically, the verse I quoted (James 5:16) supports this argument more than the one he quoted. I would add that Mary is one of us and as such, we should confess our sins to her as well (I will explain how she is still one of us later).

His next argument is that when you read James 5:16 together with James 5:14-15, you would realize that James is asking church elders to pray for the sick to strengthen their faith. He also adds that James implies the Church elders are alive i.e. not dead (He believes Mary is dead). The interesting part is that James 5:16 is a progression of James 5:14-15.

Notice the use of the word ‘and’ in James 5:16. It means that you should confess your sins to one another even if you are not sick. Notice the use of the semi-colon after the word cured. People use a semicolon between two independent clauses. Therefore, the heartfelt prayer of someone upright works powerfully, when he prays for a sick person or a healthy person. As you can clearly see, my friend misinterpreted the entire verse.

Did you notice the emphasis on confessing your sins to one another in James 5:16? Did you know that the Catholic Church emphasizes on confession? In fact, Confession is one of the Six Precepts of the Catholic Church. Does your Church stress the importance of confession?

Did you also notice the emphasis on anointing the sick in James 5:14-15? The Catholic Church has seven sacraments. Does your Church have sacraments? Does it need sacraments? We can discuss them another day.

Finally, notice the use of the words ‘heartfelt prayer of someone upright’ and ‘powerfully.’ They appear in James 5:16. Who extends Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in uprightness? Is she not the most blessed among women (Luke 1:42). The English Knights were fond of saying, “Hail, the King.” Here, Angel Gabriel said, “Hail, favored one (Luke 1:28).” One of God’s greatest angels can pay reverence to her. Who are we mortals to deny her special recognition? Angel Gabriel would not honor her in such ways if she were not upright. More importantly, she would not carry Christ if she were not holy. Therefore, her prayers for us would work powerfully, because she is upright (James 5:16).

Remember that verse my friend quoted i.e. First Timothy 2:5 that says Christ is the only mediator between God and us. Does it not contradict James 5:16? Think about it. James explicitly asks us to pray for one another. Is he not asking us to mediate for each us? If so, then does it not contradict Timothy 2:5? No, it does not. My friend quoted it without understanding it correctly.

Jesus is God. Therefore, we are praying for each other to God i.e. Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In other words, your brother, mother, the saints, and the Holy Mother do not overlap Jesus when they pray for you to God because Jesus is God. Remember, Paul starts this chapter with “urge then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving should be offered for everyone (First Timothy 2:1.)”

It is important to note that he continues, “To do this is right, and acceptable to God our Savior) First Timothy 2:3.” Is Jesus not our Savior? Is he not our God? Therefore, my friend ought to read these verses in their proper context so that he can understand them and the come to the fullness of faith, which is in the Catholic Church.

Finally, this entire debate hinges on the question of whether the Holy Mother is dead. Do you not find it ironic that we know how all the 12 disciples died, but we do not know how Mary died? Did she die? We have no record of it. Could God take her into heaven without her suffering from death? Yes, he could. That is why he is God i.e. he can do anything.

Is there an example of where God did such a thing? Do you remember Enoch and Elijah? Read Hebrews 11:5 and 2 Kings 2:11. Now we know Mary not having died is possible. The question is why Catholics focus on Mary and not Joseph.

Well, Angel Gabriel did not say, “Hail Joseph.” More importantly, Joseph seems to have died before Jesus’ crucifixion. Remember, he was not at Golgotha during Jesus’ affliction. However, the most critical evidence is in Revelation 12. It speaks of a Queen in Heaven. “And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars,” – Revelation 12:1.

Is this why Angel Gabriel addressed her with such respect? Is she the Queen of Heaven? You see, Catholics believe that Mary is alive. In fact, she is in Heaven. Are there other humans in heaven? Remember, Enoch and Elijah. Therefore, as you can clearly see, Catholic teaching on Mary is Biblically sound. Conversely, Protestant arguments against Mary have no Biblical basis, at least not in the verses mentioned by my friend.

I prepared this by myself in about 2 hours. I saw the comment, and I started responding to it. You cannot see it, but I am clapping for myself right now. I am not a theologian or spokesperson for the Catholic Church so my arguments do not represent the Church, but most of them stem from Catholic teaching.

Feedback especially criticism is highly welcome. Lastly, nimechoka and I have to go to somewhere, grammar nitacorrect siku ingine.