It Is Not About Religion…

The question should not be one of Christianity, Islam or Hindu, rather the question  should be the interpretation and consolidation of common values n aspirations e.g. what is justice? is it absolute or varied? Should religion and state be separate? What is abortion? Do we want it? How do we reconcile technicalities of law and actual practice i.e. avoid  legal loopholes?

We never theorized, we never discussed,we never debated on these highly sensitive issues. We just imported thoughts, interpretations amongst other foreign ways. Europe, America n Asia debated; e.g.Thomas Hobbes and the social contract theory between the state and its citizens, Martin Luther and the equality of all men regardless of creed or colour and Confucius on the universality of all matters and issues.

To further elaborate my point, if we decide justice is absolute then there can be no courts for muslims and others for Christians or Hindus or even pagans. However, if we decide justice is a varied and subjective concept then these same courts can exist!

We are trying out a shortcut by:

1) Modifying imports of foreign content to suit an African context, this is especially with respect to  the Abortion clause  and,

2) Fearing open African discourse on treaties and decisions made by Europeans in our name without our express authority,

In this the outcome is unknown,the only sure thing is tht we wil have to come back and determine our own values n then define them our own way.

Remember in Revolution there is no shortcut!


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