Search and Fight for the Truth !

There exists a general a weakness of man. Man may decide to go against what he knows to be true due to an innate mix of sentiments built into him. These sentiments are those of hope, of despair, of fear and of an instinctive wish to survive at all costs.

It is a shame but it is true. People’s feelings of love, of compassion and of care for each other are more often than not their very curse. In this state of emotions, people would fall for not only the worst kind of lies but also the most obvious of lies. They do not fall for these lies because they do not know see or know the truth. They fall for these lies because they just want a moment of peace and a moment of rest. People seek a moment of quiet that has no struggles with no more fighting. It is hope that drives them on. Hope can be a tormentor for it can be false. Only when truth informs hope and when prayer sanctions it can hope fail to be false.

In 1992, 1997, and 2007 we came to know pain, we saw torment and we came under the veil of true suffering. Today, they say a new katiba will make all of this go away. They say that with this new katiba there will be no more ethnicity, no more impunity and no more suffering. It may in fact succeed in doing this, for the moment at least. The question is, what else will it bring? Have you even tried to listen to what others have to say about its dangers?

The people see the potential disaster that may come from this constitution. The people see the power with which the forces that are are pushing this katiba down our throats. The people see how we ignore a section of Kenyans who have a different opinion on this katiba. The people see that abortion may just be legal. The people see that the Kadhi’s courts present a danger to the socio-political structure of this country. The people see all of this. They know the truth. So why do they ignore it?

They do so because they are tired of bitterness, they are weary of violence and they believe that this katiba will not only end all of this but also stop corruption dead in its tracks. Ignorance is bliss and delusions are comforting.

The truth manifests itself differently when it comes to the masses. It may exist as a distant thought lost in the politics of the day or an uneasy feeling that comes in the form of a question lingering in the minds of the people. It may be quite visible to many but other will choose to fight it while only the few will succumb to its power. Regardless, Truth will out.

I empathize with my fellow Kenyans for we have truly suffered but be wise to what it is you do. A sensation of peace is only there for the moment. Do not resign yourself to what is or what is given. Rather, create a destiny for your children, even if it means you have to fight for what is right for just a bit longer. Even if it means you have to endure the agony of fighting for change and equality for one more day or one more century.

We have come so far. You have to stay the course. Fight for what is right for just a bit longer. Never compromise your principles and/or your character. Do not settle for less. We just need to run one more lap and we are home free. We will not have to do this again for a very long time if only we decide to do it right. We would have an understanding among ourselves. We would have a common ground upon which we would share common values. We would have a new and most importantly, a good and all-inclusive constitution!

Stay the course. Fight for what is just. The journey begins with the search and uncompromising fight for truth.

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