A False Revolution

Politically orchestrated revolution is what is alive in Kenya today! This is what I call a ‘False Revolution.’ We define politics as who gets what, when and how. This definition holds true even in the face of impending social change. Leaders will try to hijack the sentiments of change echoing across the land, the systematic birth of new ways across the nation. They will try to own it, control it, change it and front it as they own. In this way, they protect their old ways in new circumstances! They will then say to the people that they brought revolution.

They will do whatever it takes to meet this end even if it means suppressing a minority, putting down any opposition or forsaking the fundamental values of their own people. To them this is a matter of survival. If they do not change the revolution then the people might just realize that they have the power. If the people realize this then the ill-acquired wealth, the future ambitions and the hold on power by the aristocrats is at risk.

Revolution belongs to the people; only they can spur it, lead it and see it through. True revolution is only realized when it is the people who dictate what is to be done, how it is done and when it is done. It is only when the people meet on common ground through open discourse, a due regard for each other and having a common purpose that true change is alive. There is no other way!

Revolution cannot be when we ignore a section of the people, when we sow the seeds of discord and future conflict, when we compromise our senses of right and wrong for the promise of short-lived prosperity or when we chart a way forward informed by fear of future violence.

It is out of this fear that we create new historical injustices and welcome imminent disaster. We should replace our fear with courage and turn over coat of past historical injustices into a coat of an unrelenting resolve to be just. Remember that people who move forward in fear during the day will fight among themselves when the night falls.

The people feel that this is the only time they can get a constitution. They see this as the only time the political élite have come together to form a formidable force in propagating for change. The people feel that the politicians are for once speaking in one voice. The people believed that this voice is for the first time speaking out for them by giving them what they need i.e. a new constitution.

We must not forget the words of the Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plutarch. He said,  “Nothing is harder to direct than a man in prosperity; and none more easily directed than one in adversity”

The people back the draft because they believe that the political élite may never come to a consensus again. They believe that élite may never again decide to relinquish power. Indeed, if this constitution is a direct result of consensus building among the political class then this is not only our best opportunity to get but also our last chance.

However, if the constitution is people driven, people inspired and a reflection of every Kenyan, then this line of thought does not hold. In this case, the people must and will always have their way, any day! If it is people oriented then the force of the people will at any time force the political class to listen and step aside. This is True Revolution.

We are saves to our fear. We believe that we will never have another chance. That is the lie we believe in. The constitution is not about chances. A new and good constitution is a right of a Kenyans. We must not accept any visible flaws in our constitution. It must be all or nothing. We, the people are the dictators if but only we would realize it. If we reject this flawed constitution then we can still pass a new one in as little time as the people will dictate for the sovereign power to govern lies with us.

The people should realize that a new constitution is not a privilege bestowed upon them by the ruling class but an inalienable right. The people easy forget what is theirs, what has been theirs and will be for their children, CHANGE.

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