Today, I Went To the Salon (Unisex)

Today, I went to the salon (unisex). I cannot say what for because I do not know the technical name for it. All I know is ‘nilienda kufixiwa dreadi.’ Some chick came in and sat in the chair next to me as I was under the killing machine (dryer).

I looked over yonder. Lo and behold, she was a beautiful, young, and well-endowed chick. One of the girls attended to her. They talked briefly and then the girl left her to get the materials for the job (I assumed).

The chick removed her phone from her bag and called someone. She asked, “uko wapi?” The person replied then the chick added, “Hiyo ni poa. Niko salon.” The person replied. Then the chick continued, “ni 3,000.” The person replied. The call was over.

I assumed the person was her boyfriend. It seemed like a mutually beneficial arrangement from what I could discern. She was gorgeous. He was rich and in need. These arrangements are common in the big city. They do not surprise me.

What struck me was that there was no emotion in her call. She did not say thank you. She did not feign happiness. It was just business. Send me the cash. You will receive your end later.

Pragmatic, that is how I can describe her. Fully aware of her value to him and what she can get in exchange for that value. The funny thing is that she seemed capable of love, one who would easily blush if you told her the right words in the right way.

That is the funny thing about life. We all have the capacity to love and to embrace the truth. Why do we choose other things? Well, the structure of society is such that seeking love and truth comes with great difficulty and pain.

For example, would you willingly accept poverty when a man can offer you the world in exchange for your affection? When so many guys want you for a few minutes including the one you love, why not chose the one who will spend on you.

All is fair in love and war. If you can use your money to secure the one you love, then why is that wrong. If you cannot live without her, then why not use everything at your disposal to get her including money.

Now, I would not do that. I am looking for someone to love me. That is my tragedy. I have felt the love of women before, and it is beautiful, women who love you for who you are. I would not want anything less than that.

However, I cannot judge those who choose different paths. Do not judge these women. Do not judge these men. We all have our demons, seen and unseen. We are all sinners especially those who think that they are holier than others are.

Disclaimer: I wrote this one quickly (25 minutes). Grammatical errors may be many. Additionally, perhaps she was talking to her dad, brother, uncle, or even mother. I do not know.


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