Hypocrisy Is Not My Color…

The kidnap of three tourists in Kenya prompted the most massive military operation in Kenyan history. We invaded an entire country to protect our citizens and prevent cross border incursions. Do we know the casualties, civilian or otherwise? Do we care? We just want security and we support our troops no matter what.

Three Israeli teenagers die at the hands of Hamas. No one tweets, posts an update or shares a link. Israel responds in a manner similar to ours and all of a sudden, people gain a voice on social media. People do not utter a word when we see images of Palestinians celebrating the death of teenagers but alas, the same people have new-found conscience when they see images of casualties on the Palestinian side.

Honestly, hypocrisy is so last season. I would gladly wear this color but I am as ugly as it gets. I would not want to make my appearance seem anymore grotesque. I cannot accept media propaganda, biased talk and selective revelations. I must knock on the door of truth, justice and hope at all times even if I knock alone.

This conflict will not end unless we embrace that all life, Jewish or Muslim, is precious.

We must also recognize the fact that Israel and its people have a right to exist and a right to defend their existence. We must also recognize that Palestinians have a right to self-determination including forming their own state. Keeping numb when something happens to Israel and then speaking out when something happens to Palestine or vice versa is despicable leave alone hypocritical. All life is precious. One life, two lives, three lives… each one of them is precious.


One thought on “Hypocrisy Is Not My Color…

  1. Stop supporting a genocidal country like usa or israel, look the victims toll on each side is disproportionate.

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