A Simplified Analysis of the Israeli – Arab Conflict

The ‘Jewish question’ is a question that has plagued humanity from the beginning of time. The Jews have been persecuted, murdered and exiled for years because of this question but they persist. It almost seems as though they are an unconquerable people, perhaps they are the children of God for nothing seems to defeat them no matter how bad it gets. Then there is modern-day Israel, the land upon which the Jews choose to form a state but it is now a hotbed of violence and in time, it may become a catalyst of a global or at least regional war. We must ask ourselves, what the problem in Israel and in Palestine is. We must study this problem keenly for the solution lies in understanding the problem.

Claiming that the Jews as the chosen ones of God is blasphemous in both Christianity and Islam though many Christians may disagree with me. Other religions and those who practice the religion of ‘non-religion’ would undoubtedly agree with me. We are all children of God and none is above the other. However, ideology and interest skews our idea of each other. For example, many evangelical Christians believe that Muslims will go to hell and just as well, Muslims believe that Islam is the only way to God. These ideologies and interests shape our view of world events and therefore, our opinions may just be a reflection of these ideologies and interests as opposed to being a reflection of truth. The same applies to the ongoing violence in the Middle East i.e. our opinions may just be a reflection of ideologies and interests as opposed to being reflection of facts.

Now let us look at these arguments keenly. Many people say that Israel forced the Palestinians out of their territories with the help of the British and as such, the state of Israel came into being. Many people also say that these Israelis immigrated to other lands only to return and claim land that others had already settled on during their absence. Well, it might interest you to note that there is no evidence of a single group of Palestinians forced out of their homes by Jews during or prior to the formation of the Israeli state. Ask for some statistics and dates next time anyone makes this assertion and you will find what I say is true. On the contrary, you will always find evidence of Jews evicted from their homes and their property confiscated by surrounding Arabs prior to the formation of the Israeli state.

Those who say that the Jews received help from the British to immigrate to Israel do not know history. The Jews have immigrated to Israel since the middle Ages when Christians and Muslims forced most of them out of Israel. Pogroms, massacres and genocides in East and Western Europe prompted this immigration. What you should be keen on is the process of immigration and settlement in Israel. For example, did the Jews buy land or did they fight for land. The answer is obvious but we blind ourselves to the truth. The Jews are astute businesspersons who adopted a strategy of buying land in Israel because they could not fight off the rulers. For example, thousands of Israelis immigrated to Israel during the Ottoman rule yet there was no battle with the Ottomans so how did they manage to do this. Jews formed many land buying agencies and through collective effort, they bought land in Israel.

There is clear evidence to show that the British tried to impede Jewish settlement in Israel though public sentiment in Britain was still in support of such a move. Britain was trying to secure Arab oil and it could not do so while it was aiding the ‘people of the Book’ to settle in Israel. The British raised restrictions on Jews entering Israel. It captured Jews caught trying to enter Israel illegally and sent them to Mauritius. The British even put an arms embargo on Israel during a war with its Arab neighbors while the Arabs had highly effective British military hardware. The Jews won thanks to Check Slovakia that defied the arms embargo. You should also note that prior to these occurrences Hitler had raised up anti-Jewish sentiments in the Middle East and he made various promises on the confiscation of Jewish property including land and its appropriation among Arabs surrounding the Jews.

The question is why lies persist. Why do people keep saying that the Jews forced Arabs out of their land to form a state? Where is the evidence? Think of it this way, there are one billion Muslims in the world and counting. What happens when one billion people and more share certain images of conflict and Israeli occupation? What happens when anti-Christian crusaders join them? What happens when the liberals join in? What happens when the conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites join in? I tell you what happens, information is lost and all you have left is propaganda, innuendo, slogans and images. This is why you must always ask for dates and figures, always.


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