Taxes in Kenya, the Dining Room and the ‘New White Man’

A white man sets out the dining table in his dining room and places food on it. Then he calls his African servant and asks him, “What would you rather have, the dining room or the kitchen? I will give you what you choose and all that lies in it.” The African looks at the kitchen keenly. He sees uncooked food items, utensils that need washing and cooking ovens with nothing cooking. Then he looks at dining table and sees so much to eat. He immediately chooses the dining room.

My friends, do you see? Taxes in Kenya are not a problem. The problem lies with the utilization of our taxes. Asking for a reduction in taxes is the same as choosing the dining room when you could just as well have the kitchen. A reduction in taxes is a cosmetic measure in light of the gigantic problems that face our country. These gigantic problems are not of an economic or political nature but of a social nature, an inherent and animalistic nature of greed and survival.

For example, we have greedy leaders whose bellies need fattening and who is to fatten these bellies? Is it not us? Ironically, many Kenyans envy these leaders instead of despising them. They will speak of disdain for their leaders in public for purposes of political correctness but in their hearts, they wish to have what their leaders have and to behave as their leaders behave. This alone should tell you that we are one greedy lot driven towards materialism and mediocrity.

The solution to our problems lies in taming our leaders by making the right kind of demands i.e. demand for accountability, demand for justice and demand for equality. Once you make these demands, everything else will fall into place including this incessant tax issue. Constantly begging for your rights will leave you a beggar and it will make the one who lords over you even stronger.

What I am saying is simple. Forget about the food on the dining table and think about how to get food to the dining table. You need more roads, clean water, proper sewerage systems, reduced corruption, strong patent laws, reliable energy, affordable internet and an end to tribalism. This is how we get to where we want to go. Instead, you ask for the Uwezo Fund, lower taxes and a lean government. Even with lean government, they have eaten. Even with the Uwezo Fund, they are eating. Even with lower taxes, they will eat. The problem is eating.

What we need is a new beginning. Let us take the kitchen and forget about the dining room. Remember, temporary solutions are for mediocre minds built for a mediocre existence. Better yet, let us take over the entire house. Let us chase this ‘new white man’ out of the house but let us be careful about it. Chasing this ‘new white man’ out of the house is not a physical undertaking but rather, a change in our mindset.

Sadly, this change will not happen. I do understand. You are a Kikuyu so you must support Uhuru. You are a Luo so you must support Raila. You are a Kalenjin so you must support Ruto. You are a Luhya so confusion reigns over you, as you must support your confused Luhya leaders.

Yes, I understand, you must ask for the dining room. Let them lower your taxes but I assure you, you will back begging for food after you finish eating what they put on the table because by lowering your taxes nothing has changed.

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