Kenyans and Their Morality

Here Is a Tale of Two Thieves and Kenyan Morality

• Society considers the son of a thief in Kileleshwa as cultured and classy yet the son of a thief in Dandora is nothing more than excess population.

• The mob runs towards a thief along Government Road in utter adoration. The same mob quickly stones a thief among them without the slightest hesitation.

• A woman cannot wait to jump into the bed of a thief if that bed is in Karen but holds her purse tightly and locks all her doors when she hears of a thief in her neighbourhood.

• The congregation is quick to accept well-dressed thieves who do not wish to change as part of their Church but just as quickly, they turn away scruffy looking criminals whose only hope lies in the Lord.

• The civil servant jumps to his feet when a thief drives to his office building in a SUV. The same civil servant will suddenly break for lunch when a thief walks into his building after a seemingly long trek.

• A mother encourages her daughter to marry a thief when the thief promises a hefty dowry. The same mother would call the police to keep a thief with no dowry away from her daughter.

• The father of a thief along State House Road does not encourage his son to seek other ways even under public scrutiny. The father of a thief in Kibera quickly distances himself from his son as soon as the public discovers the ways of his son.

• The thief who holds public office will never see a prison cell even if accused of genocide. The thief who steals a chicken will not live to see the prison cell for the unruly mob is unforgiving to poor criminals.

You see, Kenyans never have a perspective on morality. Instead, Kenyans have a perspective on wealth disguised as morality.


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