At Calvary, a Debt Was Paid

There is a man, a Nazarene. Have you heard of him? This man talks of a new way. He speaks of a distant place where men live in peace and rejoice in harmony. He tells of a day when our sins will be no more. He calls to the sinners, gives heart to the oppressed and reprimands the wicked. Have you not heard of him?

He builds his words on truth. He asks that we love each other as our Father loves us. They call him Jesus, the Messiah born in Bethlehem, the City of David. His heart is more precious than the wealth of all Kings that were and of all the Kings that will be. You must have heard of him. He is love, he is joy and he is triumph.

Have you not heard? The saints interceded on our behalf, the Son of Man listened to our prayers, the Father above gave the orders and now the evil one no longer has power over us. At Calvary, a debt was paid and now we are free.


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