This Is What You Shall Tell My People

This is what you shall tell my people. You shall tell them that the world is dark because the evil one lurks among us. You shall tell my people that times will get harder before they get easier. You shall tell them that all hope will seem lost before the last ray of hope turns into a bright eternal flame. Tell them that the world and those who live for it will try to sway them off the path of light but truly, I say to you that a bright star shines in Bethlehem today. The Son of Man is born or have you not heard?

In the city of David, a King whose promise lives forever is now among us. A king who not only nourishes us with the finest fruits, milk and wine but also nourishes us with the wisdom of a thousand years and the confidence of ten thousand men. The army that this king commands stands not on swords and shields but marches on truth and justice. This king has no servants but is a servant himself. Have you not heard? Hope is now alive. It is among us. Tell my people to embrace a new day.

A new day has come. Light is now penetrating the darkness. There is no more sorrow, no more anxiety and no more pain. Why will you not tell my people that their salvation is at hand? Why will you not be a light to all those who live in the dark? Why do you dispute what is true? Why is your heart so full of hate and anguish? The Son of Man, a Galilean by the name of Jesus is here to die for you. Why do you not rejoice that because of Him, you will have eternal life?

I see that you are the one in need of hope. You are the one in need of deliverance. You are the one in need of a new message. Therefore, I say to you that what you say is nothing new. For a thousand centuries, people have doubted that the Son of Man IS but I tell you now that for a thousand centuries many more have believed.

For a thousand centuries, the ground you stand on, the air you breathe and the life that is in you have all given praise and thanks to the one who reigns above. Your heart is in conflict. This I understand. This is why you are so doubtful but I say to you that you need not be in conflict no more. Look to the Bethlehem, the City of David where your salvation lies. Look into your heart and you will know that what I say is true.


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