My Family; the Heart and Soul of God

“It is through my family that I can see the heart and soul of God. His heart is merciful and His soul is glorious. This I have seen through my family, with my own two eyes, in my days here on earth. The human spirit lives and thrives in them.

I see their struggles; I am there when they triumph. I know their faults; yet they constantly surprise me with their strengths. I am but a weakness in the fabric of this family; still, they accept me without condition.

I would put an end to my ambition, forego all my needs and sacrifice all the pleasures of life to be part of God’s own heart, my family. I would also risk it all, heal all wounds, mend all fences and garner all courage to be part of God’s own conscience, my family.”

– Nahashon Kimemia.


One thought on “My Family; the Heart and Soul of God

  1. The title almost sounds like someone who’s thinking about commiting suicide, hehe, I hear you though, there’s nothing like family. Personally it’s through my family that my faith in people is restored, they teach me lessons in humility, selflessness, acceptance and forgiveness. They give me strength, they make me want to be my best, yet they still love me at my worst, they’re always there, always, through the good, the bad and the ugly, and I’m so greatful, to them, and to God.

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