Shebesh, Shebesh, Shebesh… wah!

Shebesh, Shebesh, Shebesh… wah! This woman is going through a rough patch but all things end, even this one. I pity her. She is the focus of ridicule for doing what we all know goes on around us. She is now a victim because of her desire to fulfill a very human urge. Yet some of us do much worse and it is okay is it not, because we do it in secret?

Kenyans have no morals. There is no high ground on this. We understand the concepts of impunity, materialism and individuality. Let us face it; we are fascinated with news of such urges. We love it and this is why such news takes up more social media space than 303 billion shillings unaccounted for within the public sector. In the Kenyan context, Hon. Shebesh’s only crime was to think that private matters would stay private.

People defend, understand, tolerate or even give reason to many immoral things. Pastors are thieving while living like miniature Gods, priests are having sex with nuns, Muslim clerics are recruiting youths to join terrorists cells, Jubilee is firmly behind the ICC suspects, Cord keeps on waiting to blame the government for some bad news and not to forget, we do have dial-a-diva services ‘in case of emergencies.’

Yet here we are… pretending as though we need to teach Shebesh a lesson by continuously bashing her over the internet. Yet still, some of us are bashing her for politically motivated reasons, just to show how morally deprived the other side is. How ironically immoral we are?

Let us not pretend. People have urges. We should not victimize people for fulfilling their urges unless they do so with unwilling participants. However, we should also not accept people to flaunt their activities as they fulfill their urges. This would only be a fulfillment of these urges but it would also be an invitation to take part in such activities. However, Shebesh did not do that did she? As far as I know, she wanted her ‘businesses’ kept under wraps.

There are those who might say that she owes an apology to her husband. True, but what exactly is she apologizing for. Is she apologizing for the fact that she has urges or that her urges were uncovered? You see, even without the pictures she would still have had urges. I am at pains to believe that the husband never knew of these urges. The question, in such a case, would be what did he do about it?

A simple talk is the answer. People should feel free to express their feelings especially to those they should entrust such feelings. No matter how much you hide under the rug, those urges are unlikely to go away unless you redirect that energy and/or fulfill those urges.

We should teach people to control their feelings, master their urges and direct their energies in different ways. The first step is by talking about these very same urges and feelings. Therefore, I believe that Shebesh’s only failure in the case of her marriage would have been to hide her feelings. Failure will not only be on her but her husband as well if she did not hide her feelings from her husband.

Let us not forget, we are all sinners. No of us is above the other. We should not crucify or look down upon her. She is just a reflection of who we are. Instead, we should embrace her as a fellow human being. We should comfort her as a sister. Finally, we should ask her to change her ways for she is a mother above all. Such a scenario is a disaster not for the husband, Shebesh or Nairobi County. It is a disaster for her children. I pray for them and hope that they will overcome all this shame and forge a stronger family.

We should encourage her children to understand that everyone has faults and that this particular society we live in has no business judging their mother.  In the end, no one is beyond redemption. Nothing can or should break/weaken the chains of their family.

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