Nahashon Kimemia: Our Cause as Kenyans Needs to Become True

We as Kenyans need a new way of looking at things.

Do not mind the quality of the video. It is my first ever trial at something of this nature. Instead, listen to the words keenly and then tell me what you think.

You may also want to view the following video. Please click on the link below to find out more.


2 thoughts on “Nahashon Kimemia: Our Cause as Kenyans Needs to Become True

  1. This is pretty awesome,especially if it’s your first trial,you’re obviously passionate about this country.Maybe when you do this again,as you should,you could include a transcription for guys who may not be able to watch the video at that time,like a speech of sorts.Also,there’s a forum called #OffTheRecord at Pawa254 every Tuesday 5-8 pm,guys discuss current issues on the roof,people with the same intellect and innitiative you have,together you guys could be poised for greatness,try it sometime if you can.

  2. One more thing,check out pawa254’s page on facebook,they provide the info you may need.PAWA is a really great place for both creatives and activists(it’s Bonniface Mwangi’s turf so you should fit right in,hehe)I’m almost sure you’ll meet some amazing people,learn alot and have fun too(they do graffiti on the roof,how cool is that!!!)I’m talking too much,though technically I’m not talking I’m writing,but you get what I mean so…yeah…try it

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