What The IEBC Verdict on Keithi’s Nomination Should Tell Us about Our Election Laws?


The IEBC Tribunal on the Makueni Nomination dispute has found that Kethi Diana Kilonzo is not a registered voter and as such, she is not qualified to run for the Makueni Senatorial seat. The daughter of the late Mutula Kilonzo and her lawyers put up a spirited fight but it was all in vain. However, the nomination of her would be main challenger was upheld. Prof. Philip Kaloki, who falls under the Jubilee Coalition was cleared to vie for the Makueni Senatorial seat.

Kenyans still do not get it? Ask yourself, should the law that has barred Keithi Kilonzo from vying be law? There are three parties involved in this case. The people of Makueni represent the first party, the second is Keithi Kilonzo and the third is the IEBC.

Should a process determined and run by a third-party bar any Kenyan from running for leadership? Can anyone expect the process to be fair when the person seeking leadership has expressed displeasure with how the third-party in question carries out its activities? Do we really expect a different outcome when the person who seeks leadership is a foe of the regime in power that finances the third-party?

Maybe I ask too many questions or maybe Kenyans ignore the right questions and just focus on the theatrics. There should not be any law in regards to political office that bars anyone from seeking leadership. An aspiring leader should only prove his or her capacity to communicate and his or her love for the people that he or she wants to lead. A leader should prove his or her level of integrity. If this leader has had integrity issues in the past then he or she must prove to the people how he or she has reformed.

In this case, a leader should only present the following; secondary and primary school qualifications, a development plan, certificate of good conduct and/or a list of several reform agendas that he or she has undertaken as a path towards redemption if he or she lacked integrity in the past.

All other qualifications such as a university degree, registration as a voter and/or age limitations beyond that of eighteen years are not only absurd but discriminatory as well. The reason behind the revocation of her nomination is not that she is a foreigner or because she lacks any form of support in Makueni. It is only a matter of a registration. Think about it. Why register when you have an Identification Card?

The actual registration process, the keeping of registration documents and the determination of the authenticity of that registration all fall within the arms of one body. Forget whether Keithi is right or wrong. Do you not see a need for change in this entire registration process? In fact, do you not see that the entire registration process is just an exercise by the aristocracy to deny Kenyans democracy? Do you not see that an Identification Card and/or a passport are enough?

Registration as a voter to either vote or vie for elections is a means by an unscrupulous ruling class to maintain power. Similarly, university education should only feature as a qualification to vie for elective office when university education is free and accessible to all Kenyans.

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